What are the things the media has said that Tesla did?

* They bribed White House staff in order to get nearly free taxpayer funding.

* The investors for Tesla paid McKinsey Consulting to write manipulated white papers, for the White House, saying that Tesla was the way to go and then they got McKinsey to staff the Dept. of Energy with their investor’s friends, from McKinsey, so that they would make sure they favored the schemed-up deal through the process. ie: Matt Rogers, etc.

* White House Staff: Gibbs, Rattner, Emanual, Axelrod et al,: All took off from the White House at nearly the same time for fear of getting caught, knew about this.

* DOE staffers: Lachlan Seward and Matt Rogers were ordered, by Tesla investors, to destroy documents at DOE that documented the Tesla transaction.

* The Section 136 law and Federal Procedural Protocol stated that applicants would be reviewed in the order they applied. DOE issued 42 documents stating that applicants would be reviewed and processed in the order they applied. Suddenly, in March of the application process, year, Matt Rogers & Lachlan Seward ordered a DOE press releases sent out which changed the law (illegally) to remove the first-come-first-served requirement in order to attempt to allow them to move Fisker and Tesla to the front of the line. This was done on orders from Tesla’s investors at Kleiner.

* People who already have Tesla cars say the battery packs overheat and the cockpit gets too hot and the car is noisy as all get out.

* When Tesla applied to DOE, they were hand-walked through the process by DOE staff when no other applicants got the same “personal valet service”  treatment. This fact helps prove bribery and collusion. Many, many other facts prove this too.

* In a meeting with one of the law firms Tesla hired to leverage the loan, the law firm said: “don’t worry, we control 14 agencies in DC!” That firm paid themselves millions of dollars for a small amount of work.

* When Tesla applied to DOE, they had no actual engineering or factory plans done for the car and showed fake plans, none of which have been used in the factory that exists today. They said they were going to build a factory in San Jose, California when they knew they did not even need one but Goldman Sachs had said they could get “all the money they wanted because the deal was rigged for favors” so “just go for it”.

* Tesla has announced a number of “showcase” famous people hires but once those people did get hired and started working at Tesla, they saw what a rigged company it was, and quit or suddenly “left to pursue other interests”

* Two well known Tesla staff were starting to whistle-blow about Tesla but they were killed in a plane crash right next to Tesla’s offices. Their notes have been distributed to the media, though, by their co-workers.

* Tesla got thousands of order requests from Tesla nvestors and their business friends at Stanford in order to prop up the appearance of orders but, in reality, not so much!

* Tesla investors ordered Chu to rig the tests done by Argonne labs about Tesla to make the results look better than they were.

* Tesla changed the prices on customers AFTER they had left deposits. This is extremely unethical.

* Tesla’s books showed that they have wasted over $40M on “expenses of no value or engineering that had to entirely thrown away”.

* Tesla’s CEO bugged his own employees because of his extreme paranoid personality.

* An ex-co-founder has a copy of the CEO’s hard drive.

* Tesla’s CEO paid the producers of Iron Man to refer to him in the movie in order to manifest his delusional image of himself. He paid 60 minutes to do a story about him.

* Kleiner Perkins put Steven Chu in office by manipulating campaign funding so that Chu could make sure Fisker & Tesla got their funding so the kick-backs would come around into the 360 deal that was set-up. Kleiner staff hid contributions via law firms but “bundled” millions of dollars of contributions and received over $1B in profit options.

* The number of people Tesla said they were going to hire at the NUMMI plant and the number of people that are hired are not quite what we expected. If you look at the cost to the taxpayer per new job created by Tesla you could have paid the mortgage for some taxpayers homes for what it cost the taxpayer per new job at Tesla after they got the DOE money.

* A man named Marty invented the Tesla, Elon Musk took it away from him so Kleiner could use it as an industry manipulation bull dozer.

* They bribed DOE staff in order to get nearly free taxpayer funding by bundling campaign funds via third parties and PAC’s.

* 16 Tesla investor law firms, most with primary offices in Washington, DC managed the hiding, conduiting, bundling and re-cloaking of the money movements in this whole scam guided by staff from Goldman Sachs.

* They took our money and built multiple bragging cars for rich middle-age-crisis males that no family can afford nor that have any value for the average American. There is nothing novel or special about either Tesla car.

* The CEO screwed his ex wife over, his co-founders over and the public over. He paid millions to shut them up but her never paid their friends to shut up so, it is all going to come out now.

* You can buy an electric car that does much more than a Tesla for many, many, many times less money. There is no need for Tesla.

* Foreigners from the middle east own parts of Tesla.

* Tesla staff bribed DOE reviewers to give Tesla good fake reviews in the loan due diligence, when, in fact, in a public side-by-side comparison, Tesla would have failed miserably against all other applicants.

* The amount of money Tesla needs to make compared to the amount of money Tesla has had invested in it compared to the other companies selling electric cars compared to the world car market shows numbers that clearly show today, and at the time of application to DOE, that Tesla had the worst financial upside metrics of any car company in the world. SO why did they get the Loan?

* The Tesla investors worked with Goldman Sachs and LIBOR rigging of loans to get the finders and intermediaries sweetheart fees.

* Intermediaries and “finders” who were friends of the CEO, took huge amounts of public dollars as ” upfront fees” and ran.

* Senators and their husband’s business ownerships got favors from the associated real estate deals from the NUMMI plant for Tesla.

* Tesla took our tax money yet posted numerous job openings on Linkedin, and other sites, to hire “Immigration Paralegals” to hire H-1B foreigners to work for them.

* Tesla is run by the 1% for the 1%.

* Steve Westly is the bundler who threatened Washington officials with campaign fund cut-offs if they did not give his company: Tesla, a nearly free loan.

* Tesla manipulated their books when they applied for the loan in order to look like they met the DOE requirements but a true forensic examination of their books from that time shows that they did not meet the requirements.

* The CEO lied to the City of San Jose about building a factory there.

* The CEO of Tesla has been sued by his ex wife for cheating on his wife and children with loose women.

* It is a Ponzi scheme of a company.

* The CEO has been sued by his Tesla co-founders for engaging in civil criminality. Those co-founders and Tesla staff provided almost all of the data in this website.

* The CEO paid GQ magazine to write an article about how wonderful girls should think he is so he could get more silicon valley hook-ups.

* The two models of the cars have had multiple EMF meters placed in them at different states of operation and been found to have enough EMF to cause cancer. The cars were measured with isotropic broadband EMF meters, Agilent Technologies portable spectrum analyzers, Aaronia calibrated broadband antenna’s and spectrum sweeping multiplex antennas while charging and driving at increments of 20 MPH up to 110MPH. Drivers have reported experiencing sleep problems, heart problems, depression, migraines, seizures, and changes in neurological chemistry. Thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers prove that these EMF ranges do cause these health issues as well as triggering cancer cell growth per cell. Tesla engineers advised that the car should be shielded but Tesla executives said it wasn’t worth the cost and that nobody would find out.

* Steve Spinner, was put in the DOE by McKinsey under orders from Kleiner. He was a liaison for Solyndra, his wife worked for Solyndra, and he was an “early warning system” watchdog for Tesla at DOE and notified Tesla if anybody not in the ” inside group” came snooping around at DOE.

* They were so screwed up in planning to build the car that they were over $100,000.00 IN ERROR, on the cost per car. With engineering this bad, they still got their federal loan and this shows that bribes took place.

* If law enforcement interviews all past and current Tesla staff and investors, they will find multiple validation evidence for every statement on this site.

* The CEO stays up at night writing different fake emails to each of his employees with a few words different in each email to see which employees might be spying on him. Many Tesla staff collect these spy emails as a hobby.

* The CEO has stated that he hates unions and wants to come up with as many robots as possible to AVOID using people in jobs.

More coming….

(These, and more, charges are documented in many third party reports, articles, studies and investigations)


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