Independent Cal Berkeley student tests of refinery air & ground find toxins equal to attack by “outside parties”

Students from Stanford and Berkeley using spectrometer and particle sampling equipment available from the campus, tested the air and ground toxins during and after the latest Richmond Chevron refinery disaster and found the results to be equal to an attack result as anticipated in FEMA and DOD metrics for an “outside party” (ie: bad guys) and that Air District tests are being rigged. (Ie: they are “cooking the books”)

Because such testing equipment can now be purchased, rented or leased by any private party (much of it is available on EBAY) any citizen or community group is encouraged to conduct their own tests of groundwater, air particles, surface trace, blood levels, animal materials, and medical records to verify these statements on their own.

The refinery MUST BE REMOVED from the Bay Area and ALL toxic materials cleaned and processed to a non-toxic state!!!!!!!

Chevron has so much extra consumer cash from its windfall profits and taxpayer subsidies, it can easily afford to do this.