Did Chevron make gangsters? Yes!, Here is how…

Richmond is world famous for having some of the highest gangster related shooting death rates in America. Coupled with some of the lowest school test scores and some of the harshest blighted neighborhoods, one would think they imported and centralized a national round-up of gangsters. This is, of course, not true. The gangster/crime situation in Richmond was crafted and created in place.

When you poison the town, you stop the world from giving the town the resources they need to thrive. You kill hope. You kill the future of the youth. You create gangsters!

Chevron did this to our town. Chevron took our future. Richmond, Albany, El Cerrito and nearby areas are full of good people trying hard to raise a good family, but Chevron poisoned their homes, their air, their water, their food, their soil and their future.

Developers know that the ground is poisoned so they don’t put good buildings or good schools in. State & Federal agencies know the future is grim so they don’t supply the same support that Denver or Portland get. Chevron did this. Chevron owes everyone in Richmond the income they lost for a lifetime because of the disadvantages that Chevron caused for them. The average lifetime income of a person in Portland, Oregon should be guaranteed, by Chevron, for each person living in RICHMOND!!!!!!! Portland has all of the same assets and metrics as Richmond EXCEPT the CHEVRON REFINERY!