Toxic ground plume under Richmond, Albany, El Cerrito as deep as 2000 feet

The toxic ground plume under Richmond, Albany, El Cerrito is as deep as 2000 feet. The soil is permeable with toxic cancer causing materials released by Chevron as far down as 2000 feet. The toxic waste can seep lower and be drawn higher and be absorbed into each family home through the concrete foundation like a sponge.So your house is soaking up cancer causing chemicals provided by Chevron. No regulatory agency drills and tests for this toxic plume on a grid based testing basis. Students at local universities drilled and tested and anybody can get any private firm with a drill to do the confirming tests. These underground lakes and rivers of death can even move around so each test drilling must be at increments of 100 feet down to 2000 feet and must be re-tested monthly. See the home-owner required waiver for the Hamilton Air Force base toxic underground plume required by home sellers to be signed by home buyers on Hamilton Air Force base developments; this is the same thing but worse.  Do NOT rely on State testing groups, they are compromised!

Everything on this site will help you win a class action lawsuit against Chevron but this is only 10% of the hard data that is available. For each legitimate class action lawsuit that is filed in the courts, we will send that group all of the other data that has been discovered or provided by researchers and others.