Chevron warned by State Dept. over a year ago about “Shamoon” and other energy company viruses; does nothing!

Chevron was warned by the State Dept. and multiple other agencies, over a year ago, about “Shamoon” and other energy company viruses that take over energy companies yet it does does nothing to shut down the refinery!

Per a 60 Minutes TV show, viewed by millions, The Iran War started long ago with both sides “bombing” each other with virus attacks that take over Siemens and other common factory devices and put them into overload crazy robot attack mode. The latest virus that took out an energy company is called “Shamoon” but many, many previous virus attacks have been documented by the media.

Recent refinery fires and toxic releases may have already been the results of such virus incursions and Chevron may be covering them up.

So many Richmond Refinery staff have been physically sickened and morally sickened by Chevron’s 1% extremist “anything for profit” corporate policy that they are coming forward to NRDC and other local community groups to tell their stories.

If Iran puts a virus in the Chevron Refinery, they could take over the sea pipes, valves and fluid systems and order the refinery to open all of its floodgates of cancer causing toxins and harm Richmond and the whole Bay Area even further. Chevron staff have stated that they have no counter-measures in place for this so the State of California must, by law, order Chevron to remove the Refinery if the State is acting in compliance with the public interest.

The State of California is URGENTLY urged to enter the Chevron Refinery, take copies of all of their records and documents and put live 3rd party monitoring in place of each automated or computerized system in the refinery for the safety of the community.

If the State does not take these appropriate actions ASAP, due to the extensive media coverage, today, of “Shamoon” and other viruses, it will be apparent who controls who. It will be apparent that Chevron has comprised the regulatory agencies and the safety of our community.