Fun with “Wild Conjecture”!

As the wheels come off the taxpayer cash rigging cases, the need for resolution has increased.

It is, after all, a Sequester period, and investigators are getting their budgets cut. They may need our readers help.

We are getting so many emails and comments from readers with ideas on what really happened that we thought it would be helpful to share, in case it inspires the investigators.

The winning theory, when it is all proven out, will get a package of free t-shirts. Send in your ideas:

From Tom K- “I think that Kleiner and Westly and the Silicon Valley cartel told the White House that if they give them control of the Cleantech industry, cut out all competitors and provide incentives that give them non-tax visible cost merits that they will deliver the votes and pay for the election.”

Andrea says- “Goldman Sachs ran this whole thing along with Deloitte to take over the Lithium fields in Afghanistan and make trillions of dollars by controlling the critical lithium markets.”

Deeley says- Detroit Unions got in bed with John Doeer and made a deal with the devil to pay back Detroit Management, tied to voter turnout.”

Peter L- “I work in DC, everybody thought it was weird that Rattner, Axelrod, Rahm all quit at about the same time, right after all these deals were put together.”

Anson- “Just get a piece of paper and draw lines between all of the names and bankers that occur over-and-over in all of this and their companies and lobby groups. it will then be obvious to a 14 year old what happened. Cash, greed and ego.”