Google charged with “steering” Tesla articles to favored searches

Per this link on Muckety:

The researched chart by Muckety reveals the secret connections to the control, and manipulation, of consumer perceptions, federal public policy and law-making. If proven, this subjects both Tesla and Google to SEC fraud charges.

Google has been shown to have a senior silent control ownership in Tesla. Tests by IT and SEO engineers show that Tesla receives an inordinate position in all Google News stories and general searches, while negative stories about Tesla are diminished. This ONLY takes places on the Google search engine and Google News.

In the average search or comparative news cycle on any other search engine, Tesla does not show up or is 90% less visible in searches. Other companies and politicians have charged that Google artificially steers its search settings in favor of personal friends and in disfavor of its enemies. This demonstrates that Google is untrustworthy.

Sen. Santorum and many companies and individuals have previously charged Google with manipulating it’s search engine results.

Carlos Rodrigeuz
– Denver, CO


From Andrew Wesguter, New York, NY

Google owners are personal advisors to the White House. Google Owners sit on White House advice groups.
Google is pumping the Tesla stock offering by making it look like there is a stock demand for Google stock and by using the Google IR analysts and I-banks it has control over to inflate the stock value along with making the newsfeeds that Google covers about Tesla look 300% better than the actual circumstances. This is a conflict of interest as Google and it’s VC’s are investors in Tesla. This should be against the law.


From Parker Summers, San Diego Calif.

Google is not thought very highly of by those who pay attention, this posting is all over the internet:

“GOOGLE is ACTUALLY DOING MUCH EVIL! They are simply a spy service. Every location you search on google earth is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies. Every word or sentence you type into google is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies. Every page you click on in google is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies.A data file about everything you do on the internet using any google technology is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies.

Google makes most of its money by spying on people.Why would you use something that makes you cooperate in spying on yourself? Everything you watch on googles youtube is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies.

Google reads all of your email. Google sends any interesting emails with words it doesn’t like to agencies and the rest are put in an advertising database to trick you into thinking you stumbled upon certain ads when, in fact Google is secretly pushing those ads on you.

Google GLASS is the ultimate spy-on-you-tool, it has face recognition, fashion recognition and pretty much spies on everybody and everything around you, and you, and then Google sends that data off to the Government. Never get near anybody wearing a Google Glass. Ask to have them out-lawed. Google Maps camera cars take picturs & capture wifu data for everyone in the US.

Google saves a file of everything you have ever done, looked at, sent or moused over IN YOUR ENTIRE HISTORY OF USING THE INTERNET. It isn’t a business right anymore, it is an abuse of the public trust.

Google has thousands of people that work for them to create technologies to control the internet in order to make people give more information to google about themselves and that personal information is logged and tracked and sold to government agencies and ad agencies. Do you like being used as a tool? Do you like Google infesting your life for profit and special interest control of what you do? Twitter & Facebook are just as sinister and evil. Dump all 3 of them.

Use or any other non tracking search engine. Find a non tracking replacement for every service google offers. Google is very evil! You will NEVER be able to trust Google.

Write your Congressman. Tell them to outlaw Google data capture. Join a class action lawsuit against them”



From Martin Seester, Chicago, Ill.

It is very clear from the filings that Google is a huge investor group and the mouthpiece for Tesla, why is this not made more public?



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