“THE TEST”: Busted!!!!

“THE TEST”: Busted!!!!

We ran a little test with the help of some amazing quantitative analysis students from Boston.

A number of the SOMO writer/reporters were noticing the number of stories commenting that “Tesla was in bed with Google backers”. While there are some forensic facts and factual history which seems to lean towards this assumption, the only hard case evidence is in investigators files, which have yet to be unsealed.

So, just for laughs, we created a web metrics plot of the top 20 domestic news aggregation sites in America. Using commonly available “big data” analysis software we plotted a month’s worth of news coverage for all domestic stories with a high readership. You, or your paper, can try this too.

Then we trolled one of Tesla’s PR staff about covering up the November fire. Of course, as Tesla staff often do, they went ballistic and fired off the Teslammer PR Machine. (which involves no clear thinking, planning or logic. In most cases; just Elon’s brand of visceral Frat boy dick waggin’)

But we were watching and tracking the web with the same kind of software Google uses on you. It’s all legal, it’s just icky.

First, We were able to document the timing sequence and identities of each of the Tesla shill stock aliases meat-puppet bloggers as they re-percussed their cover story along the web routes to try to convince investors “…nothing is wrong, walk on, nothing to see here.” There are a very specific group of names and routes we were able to track in 4 different “fire-drills” we monitored.


Second, and of the most interest, of all 20 other news sites in America, the only one to put any mention of Tesla above the 2% coverage mark was: Google News!

Everybody else put tornadoes, Syrian atrocity, job crisis, medical alerts and all kinds of actual really important stuff right at the top and in the lead sections, just like you might think an uncompromised media journal might do.

But Google.. ahhh Google, …Google punched any, and every, mention of Tesla to the top section as if Aliens had landed on Elon Musks front lawn or China had Invaded Fremont, California. Google News put it over 2000% higher, or more visible, THAN ANY OTHER PUBLICATION in the US, maybe even the world. Kinda fishy! Who says those Google searches are rigged?

Of course any negative stories about Tesla were dragged to the back page search results, but only on Google, all 19 other papers showed equal mixes of negative and positive coverage. We are going to try a 3 month monitoring now and see what happens. We are shipping the results off to the known agencies investigating the kick-backs in all this.

Kind of interesting isn’t it?

Dj- LAT. JKen- LAS


HA! Touche’  Now get those college kids to check the whole DOE budget!



Want to make Elon go nuts?

Say “Fire” and “Your girl-friends and ex-wives ditched you because they said you suck in bed” and you will pretty much trigger all of his machismo hot buttons. He is so arrogant he will go off the rails. Did you see him cry on 60 Minutes when the big astronauts said he can’t play with their spaceships? He is the most immature man I ever met.

;-)- Dana


His whole Hyperloop crap thing was just counter PR to try to stave off the truth about the fires!



Google may bias search results, US senate subcommittee hears

Google Inc. is putting its own products first in Internet search results and abandoning giving consumers the best outcomes, … a comparison-shopping website said in his prepared testimony that “Google rigs its results, biasing in favor of Google Shopping and against competitors like us.”