Chris Christie and the Bridge To “Soprano-like” Retaliatory Political Hit-Jobs;

Chris Christie and the Bridge To “Soprano-like” Retaliatory Political Hit-Jobs

The Sopranos showed us what you do in New Jersey if you get pissed off at someone. You have your team have them “whacked”, ie: You put a “hit” on them! You bring VENDETTA! Jersey Shore taught us that the way you settle things in Jersey is with sudden, unexpected pain.

So, if you are a politician you should be:

  • Using a freeway to “hit” another mayor, and the public, with a created traffic jam?
  • Using the IRS to “hit” opposition groups?
  • Using secret reviewers to “hit” competitors as in CARGATE?
  • Closing public parks to hurt taxpayers so they complain and “pass the hit” on to senators?
  • Using your senate office to call in ex-military “contractors” on your opponent?
  • Using federal press offices to direct character attack “hits”, also like in CARGATE, and many other cases?
  • Using your investor/backers to ACTUALLY have your opponents killed.

Call it “targeting”, “hits”, or “politics-as-usual”, but call it wrong.

Is the “Bridging” of Christie like the “Benghazing” of Hillary? All “senior aides” know that they are getting that extra $75K per year, on top of the $100K, because they need to be ready to jump in front of the boss and take the knife when the shit hits the fan. “Senior Aide” = “First to go”.

Both parties are doing it. People you elect are supposed to do the right thing, the ethical thing, the thing that equally protects the interests of each individual taxpayer. They are not supposed to use public offices for vendettas, monopoly creation for their friends and “payback”. Right?

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The East Coast does NOT get to have their own BridgeGate. San Francisco has TWO BridgeGates. Beat that New Jersey! Check out this link:  SAN FRANCISCO BRIDGE CORRUPTION

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