Did Linked-In just secretly sue the NSA?

Did Linked-In just secretly sue the NSA?

Ever since the spying/data harvesting scandal errupted, Linked-in has seen a slow-down in user participation and, hence: revenue drops from subscriber and advertiser cutbacks. Some Linked-in investors really hate the NSA for killing their business model.

In a recent 60 Minutes story about Amazon.com, 60 Minutes specifically highlighted the fact that Amazon Cloud services host the spy data servers for the spy agencies.

In the Linked-in filed lawsuit, the Amazon Cloud servers are specifically highlighted as the source of the data scraping.

Our insiders at Linked-in said they “could neither confirm nor deny the assumption”, and that Linked-in “is planning on taking the case where the data points them to.” Linked-in IT experts stated that the data harvesting of Linked-in users was “massive and technologically sophisticated” and seemed to be the work of a “sophisticated organization“. Now it gets interesting. Silicon Valley is about to unleash some serious blow-back for the big revenue and subscribers drop-offs caused by the spying controversy. Cisco has seen it’s numbers plummet and end-of-year financials are demonstrating a very visible dip in the Silicon Valley numbers timed exactly in line with the spying news.

The Klayman lawsuit against the NSA suffers from the limited financial resources of Mr. Klayman. With Linked-in, not so much!



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