Got a Pulitzer? Now YOU can get your own Billionaire! Start a New News Outlet. Be Revolting.. err.. a revolter..

A huge number of major players have left major commercial news brands to start new voices for information!

The public is sick of the bland, puff-piece, don’t-offend-the corporations CNN/FOX/Etc. grind. All of the major mainstream news and media outlets have had huge drops in viewers. Enter the latest thing: New News!

A large number of top reporters have left their main stream publications to prepare for the “second coming of free speech”Many new publication outlets have already started launching, with some of the best reporters in the world on staff. An award-winning investigative reporter can make SIX TIMES what he/she was making at the old grind, PLUS have creative freedom with a NEW NEWS outlet.

The best part is, you don’t even need a billionaire. You can now even compete with FOX or CNN with only a millionaire. Heck, the online world has Comcast totally freaked out about cable-cutters because you can even start a major global news outlet with almost no money, you just need great scoops and novel writing. Ask Matt Drudge how much it cost him to get his thing going.

…and guess what, these little folks can kill the biggest news/media organizations on the planet. How? With balls!

All they have to do is write stories that the mainstream news won’t write for fear of scaring some corporate partner! CNN and FOX won’t do those stories but the new folks will, and the public has already started turning off the Old White Man-owned conglomerates to come hunting for real meat!

Who owns the news now? You do!

At SOMO you don’t even need to spy on us. You can actually watch us type the stories live on screen. Many editor/reporters are working on each story, concurrently. On a live story, every-time you refresh your screen, there is often new stuff. Our approach self-spies on our work with so much disclosure that nobody even needs to bug our offices; you can see what our team is up to 24 hours a day on the SOMO system. 😉 You can tell we don’t have our own billionaire at SOMO, yet, because of the typo’s and the grilled cheese sandwiches.

Today, only a handful of people own all of the news publications, radio and TV that you see daily. That is why you only see the same handful of “approved” stories, the stories written to upset the least number of owners and sponsors, in all of the mainstream outlets. The public has soundly rejected “condensed cream of information”.  Now, the smart part of the public gets what it wants.

The new News is HERE.

The New News Movement opens the doors of transparency and information like you have never seen in this decade:

The World Post with Huffington and the “Homeless Billionaire”

ProPublica with tons of great private eye reporters

Drudge Report with attitude

Al Jazeera with Off-shoreness

NOWTHIS News with Universal (Maybe, but might end up just being corporate pap)

Town Hall with righty edge

The TAB with Jack Rivlins and the kids

Alternet with lefty edge

First Look with Glenn Greenwald and the not-so-homeless Billionaire

Somo News with EVERYBODY

Ezra Klein and VOX

A. Huffington is on a mad dash to launch as many news syndicates as she can..

At least 4 well-funded groups are preparing counter-measures to YOUTUBE and plan to offer hosted videos without spying, without ads, without privacy harvesting and without other Google evil hooks and, essentially, shut YOUTUBE down…

Plus, see the links at the bottom of this page…

and many more coming…

Whip out your tablet or smartphone, open your browser and save links to the news
outlets above, and below, in a file on your desktop or launcher. Check 4 to 5 outlets per day to get a 360 degree perspective of views



The Big 6 Media Oligopoly is ending…

“Does Oligopoly sound familiar? Remind you of another game you used to play called Monopoly? You’ve got it. Oligopoly is its first cousin.

An oligopoly is a market dominated not by one, but by a small number of players. Because the number of players is so small, serious price competition doesn’t happen very much. Instead oligopolists tend to do sneaky things like put their heads together to figure out ways to raise prices, protect their turf, and limit consumer choices. They typically deploy armies of lobbyists to accomplish these goals. Some of these lobbyists go on to careers as regulators or vice versa (more on that in a moment).”

From Salon-


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