Shocking Research Finds Larger Number of Stupid People than Expected!

Shocking Research Finds Larger Number of Stupid People than Expected!

When you watch TV these days it seems like the programming is for neanderthals or something far lower than even the “lowest common denominator”. The “stars” are people that, literally, grunt and use every form of bad english that can be managed.

When you look at the kinds of people that get elected to public office you have to wonder if chimpanzees have suddenly been allowed to vote. Wasn’t the concept to find the best people in the country and not the most corrupt, conniving and manipulative?

Should there be an IQ test in order to get to vote? Should waving shiney objects at voters be forbidden?

When you go to some sports events, malls or get on the freeway it seems, to some people, that an inordinately large number of people out there are barely able to think or function.

Instead of Gary Cooper and Cary Grant intelligent movie star heroes we have Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn idiot movie star heroes.

Do vast numbers of idiots post naked pictures of themselves on the web and take arrogant “selfies” to actually tell the world what self-centered assholes they are, without any concept of consequences and repercussions or responsibility?

Was there a single thing at CES this year that anybody actually needed? Why were most of the products just a rube’s idea of what rich people would have if they were, you know, rich (and stupid).

What happened?

Did society take too many drugs in the 60’s? Climate change? Too many gasoline fumes at the gas station? A conspiracy of stupidity? HARP energy rays? Gluten? Let’s discuss:



Types of dumb –

Most voters break down into one of these groups:



Found in shopping centers. Yuppie rich kids who just got out of ivy league colleges and were programmed to have a social and world awareness no wider than the local sports bar and no deeper than the Banana Republic weekly flyer. They dress smart, talk smart but have the depth of a paint chip.
Subdue them with tax loop-holes.


Found in sports arenas. Actually thinks sports matter. Prone to violence as a response. Addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, reality TV and xanax.
Subdue them with pensions and more reality tv.


Found in pick-up trucks. Addicted to Meth and alcohol. Hateful because they can’t understand why they get all of the crap in society.
Subdue them with more alcohol and military duty.


Do you think most people are stupid? – Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: People are definitely stupid. They are blind to everything except for what they hear. How do you think Hitler got so much support? Because people in general in Germany were filled with hope for a better life. But they were stupid. They should have known what was in store …
Am I an elitist to think that most people are stupid? – Quora

Answer (1 of 68): You are just boxing in the wrong weight class. Move up one tier, and start again at stupid.…

Ignorant America: Just How Stupid Are We? | Alternet

But what does it mean exactly to say that American voters are stupid? About this there is unfortunately no consensus. Which country dropped the nuclear bomb? Only 49% know it was their own country. Who was America’s greatest president? According to a Gallup poll in 2005, a majority answer that it……

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