“The Archangel Linkages”: A film more real than film?

“The Archangel Linkages”: A film more real than film?

Fresh out of IFP training, a group of young filmmakers have set-out to create a “live evolving independent online film project” called: “The Archangel Linkages”.

The premise of the production effort is interesting: having the public participate in the development of a film while it is being made, but the script is even more interesting.

The ironic, and iconic, story goes like this:

“In a world, where Facebook, Google, Twitter and the corporation’s technocracies control government and media; the internet begins to shatter.

Public disdain and lack of faith in the commercial networks has crested. Driven by bullying, time-wasting, spying, hacking, corporate manipulation, the end of net neutrality, privacy abuse and a general failure of the internet as a whole, the public turn away from the system in droves.

But, given a taste of what could be, the public still has a desire for the potential.

Enter: “The Movement”. Brogrammers, hackers, The ACLU and public interest media groups, join forces. In a viral surge, a new kind of network suddenly sweeps across the world. It becomes known as ARCHANGEL. It uses self-replicating connections and relies on no company to exist.

The Movement fights a hard-won battle against the corporate shills who send out hourly “press releases” proclaiming why it “can’t be done, …isn’t possible, technology won’t work, etc.” and win simply by doing it.

It offers unlimited bandwidth without charge because all of the users share their devices. All ISP’s go out of business within 2 months.

It can never be tracked because it uses a new hybrid of Tor and Silent Circle that is updated every hour.

It can never be hacked because it is always changing.

Nobody needs an email provider any more.

It’s architecture changes every second.

No marketing harvesting can find any use for it because of how it is set-up so spamming ends world-wide.

The public realizes Google, Facebook and Twitter are just using them for privacy abuse and all three companies file Chapter 13 within a year.

With the rise of ARCHANGEL the news becomes open-source and the news providers with the most compelling and accurate news become the providers. Each famous newscaster now has their own news channel.

The IFP group shows how companies today can produce 13 episode series at very low cost. This eliminates ABC, NBC, FOX and Comcast within 3 months. Tens of thousands of film school graduates and modern video and animation software, feed the fire.”

Could this happen in real life? Yes.

Is this already happening on it’s own? Sort of.

All of the technology, players and premises exist today.

Let’s discuss:

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