Is the Julie Ann Horvath GitHub scandal a “Right Wing conspiracy to take down Silicon Valley”? No!

Is the Julie Ann Horvath GitHub scandal “part of a Right Wing conspiracy to take down Silicon Valley”? No!

If you read Julie Ann’s online presence you will quickly see that she is anything but a Koch Brothers front. If she was she would have to be a James Bond-class undercover agent. That does not seem likely from a deep read of her web history and the Reddit leads. The Micheal Arrington take-down was deeply documented and even had a Vanity Fair feature story. Julie Ann is no “Honey Trap” plant by Right Wing Strategists. She is a hard-working techie who got screwed over by the Silicon Valley Frat boy culture.

Is there a conspiracy to take down Silicon Valley? Hmmm, now there’s a different question….Maybe.

Doing a deep dive on Democratic presidential and congressional funding along with a Sunlight search of initiatives backers shows that, currently, the top source of funding for the DNC, and Democrats in general, is Silicon Valley elites.

If one were to take out the Silicon Valley companies that promote, PR market and research DNC issues and cut the profits to their shareholders, the DNC would, in fact, be eviscerated overnight. The DNC funding pools are now so specific, that such an act would shut down the DNC. Google has said in ad pitches to corporate sponsors that they tell the public what to think. What if the RNC decided that THEY want to tell the public what to think instead of Google’s DNC-oriented servers?

Is this, in fact, happening? It’s time for some good ole’ Conspiracy discussion…

Let’s discuss…

Andy Dunley- Denver Online Times


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