The “Cascade Metric” changes everything. One step from the edge…

The “Cascade Metric” changes everything. One step from the edge…

A 1940’s Yale study concluded that any government is always 48 hours from revolution and insurrection and that a revolution or insurrection could be instantly triggered by the formula known as the “Cascade Metric”.

When you read an article such as the one at:

…You might get the impression that government lies because it just lies. You hear the Senate ethics committe publicly claim that the FBI is hiding files from them. Feinstein and the CIA are hacking each others files over who hid more secrets.

The Cascade Metric (Also known by other acronyms in DC)  is a complex set of formulas but it can be distilled to just this: There are 317 Million people in America and only about 280 people in Washington who actually run the government. The rest are worker bees. A ratio of 317,000,000 to 280 is tough odds. If just a micro percentage of those 317,000,000 actually do something about those 280 that would be a big thing.

That is why the internet terrifies governments: It can move millions in seconds. Those 280 get regular reports on the Cascade Metric Risk Values (The CMRV’s) for the day. It is like the smiley-face clock in The Watch-Men but more precise. Many of them create smokescreens of deeper and denser PR hype depending on how high the CMRV’s are for a given incident.

Governments lie because they are afraid of change and more-so afraid of change without input from their handlers (campaign donors/oil companies, etc.). They probably don’t mean to lie, they just do. Have you seen the film: THE CORPORATION?

Governments have the same psychological problem as corporations.

So.. Let’s discuss improving trust… Getting the government to trust it’s people and vice versa…

Let’s discuss…

Dan Levy-


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