Tech Industry “Face-ism”: Like Racism but with facial symmetry

Tech Industry “Face-ism”: Like Racism but with facial symmetry

Why do the heads of most tech companies look like they just stepped off a GQ cover? Do you only get hired in a top job in Silicon Valley if you look yuppie enough?

Why are the few top jobs that hire women in tech usually “PR” or “Marketing” positions and why do most of those few top women, in big tech, look like fashion models or idealized sorority leads? Is that too much of a WWII-like German Aryan social control system?

Should Stanford’s frat-house “Douchebags-only” rules be allowed to run Silicon Valley’s technology innovations?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that almost every single one of them were funded by male VC’s, from related fraternities at Ivy League schools and “tier 1 families”, who also have the same facial appearance?

Does the glass ceiling extend across genders and the golden mean?

Are the recent pictures of the MEN ONLY clubs in Silicon valley conferences, meetings and funding pitches showing up a darker side of tech than we suspected?

Do we need equal-rights laws and affirmative action laws for facial appearance too?

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The tech people of Silicon Valley:



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