By Anderson Weebly

(This was originally a confidential report for Mr. Carney at the Press Office, but, we understand, he refused to distribute it)

Summary –

These people really, actually, killed the electric cars (AKA: “The Dirty 7”:

–          Senators with Insider Trading Deals

–          Campaign Financiers with Investments in Competing Areas

–          Venture Capitalists with Competing Investments

–          The Steel Industry (because electric cars avoid using steel)

–          The Unions (Because they have certain deals with the “old” car companies)

–          The Oil Cartel

–          The Detroit Auto Cartel


  • GM, Ford & Chrysler manipulate funding, marketing, laws and politicians to hold off the electric car market on behalf of themselves and their steel and petro-chemical cartel partners.
  • Electric cars don’t use much, if any, steel so the steel industry feels it can keep billions of dollars for itself if it stops electric cars. The steel industry gets billions of dollars of contracts from Detroit which it pays back to some Detroit boards in repercussive stock and supplier arrangements.
  • Electric cars don’t use petroleum products so the petroleum industry feels it can keep hundreds of billions of dollars, for itself, if it stops electric cars. The petroleum industry gets hundreds of billions of dollars of contracts from Detroit which it pays back to some Detroit boards in covert ways.
  • Using a complex series of tactics deployed by hundreds of hired operatives, “consultants” and shills and costing Detroit over $16 million per year, this ongoing strategic interdiction plan has been very effective; until the internet came along.
  • Here is their playbook. Here are the details about how they do it. If you think it is how your world should work then you do not need to do anything, If you think it is wrong then you need to use all of the same techniques that they use to end it. If you think this is over-the-top or not credible then you need to think about what you think people might do to control trillions of dollars of profit and political power. Since you probably cannot even imagine that world, yet you know it exists, then you might want to help fix it:


Targeted Blockade Efforts – All of the groups at the top of this report get together, via their lobbyists, and undertake coordination of all of the efforts listed below…

Department of Energy Manipulations – Documents have been uncovered which show that the Detroit Big 3 co-authored and lobbied the laws and decision process for DOE funding. The Big 3 represent that they are “competitors” but they conspire to direct all money to only themselves in auto funding efforts with tax dollars. Rahm Emanual, while working as head of the White House, is said to have given Steven Chu a “do Not Fund” list prepared by Detroit and Campaign Backers.

Lobbyists – It costs $50,000.00 to $150,000.00 to buy any politician in Washington. There are only 32 people, at a time, you need to buy in Washington to change policy and laws that affect hundreds of millions of citizens. Buying is accomplished with cash, sex, tickets, plane trips, meals, after-Washington (“private sector”) kick-back jobs , lawyers, access, mortgages and other secret trades.

Tucker-izing – The Tucker incident was a grand example of a car company “take-down”. See the Francis Ford Coppola Movie: “A Man and His Dream” for a set of classic playbook tactics

Fake “White Papers” – Lobbyists write white-papers or hire McKinsey Consulting to write white-papers that are made to look academic but are really a series of shill documents skewed to try to trick politicians into voting for kickback schemes to campaign backers and Detroit

Staged Venture Capitalists – Silicon Valley and NY VC groups organize to agree to not fund any but a few select companies that they control. They still take pitches from all of the other players so they can steal ideas and technology

Shill Pundits – Lobbyists who pretend to be subject experts and appear on TV and radio to say the same sales pitch/mantra over and over to embed falsehoods in the mind of the public

Shill Bloggers – Lobbyists who pretend to be subject experts and appear on blogs to say the same sales pitch/mantra over and over to embed falsehoods in the mind of the public

Corporate Saboteurs, Honey Traps & Spies – Over 500 Corporate Saboteurs, Honey Traps & Spies work in Silicon Valley alone. They are actually escorts, private eyes and undercover lobbyists. They are hired to infiltrate a competing company and cause a staff ruckus, prep a hostile take-over or get the CEO in a lawsuit. They try anything to slow-down or sabotage the new technology that is competing with the “Dirty 7” above.

Controlling the Battery Industry – VC’s bought control of the battery industry and ore supplies in order to create their own cartel

Goldman Sachs – False front organizations which appear to be one thing are actually manipulating funding, public policy and media coverage, ie: McKinsey, EPRI, Goldman Sachs, Lobby Groups, Banking Groups, Venture Capital Groups

Shill “Reporters” – The key tactic is to make the public think that the EV market is crashing or is not being accepted by the public. This is accomplished by making sure every car is too expensive or too hard to fuel so that the public will not want one, under the current synthetically generated limits.

Penalty & Discouragement Laws created by Detroit Lobbyists – Making laws that only Detroit Cartel members can meet.

Green-Washing – A thing that is very deadly, explosive, toxic, impossible to dump safely, etc. (ie: Lithium ion) is branded and PR-hyped as a “green”-thing or “Cleantech”. Ie: Detroit said they needed more money because nobody was buying their cars so they told DOE to say they would give them free tax money to make “green cars” they never intended to market.

Building “See-It-doesn’t work” anti-EV’s – Car companies, who really don’t want to build electric cars, will build a few and either price them out of market interest or create a failure point so that they can say: “oh well, we tried, see it doesn’t work, back to gasoline then!”

Manipulating the stock market – By having the same investors in the Dirty 7 also be the same investors in the media companies and internet companies who control public information, the 7 can delete any negative news and push only positive news about their cartel products (ie: Tesla/Google)

White House “Consultants” – Steve Rattner (Indicted), Steven Chu (Under Investigation) or certain “Expert Executives” that are part of a cartel get “appointed” as “advisers” so they can manipulate the taxpayer money from within the system

Controlling the Unions and their Votes – Senior Washington Executive Staff go to the unions and say” If we give your associated companies, that hire your members, a bunch of money will you make all of your members vote for our party/candidate/bill?”

The GM EV1 – Ahead of it’s time, consumer raves, killed off because it was too successful

Fake science papers – Lobbyists write papers or hire McKinsey Consulting to write white-papers that are made to look academic but are really a series of shill documents skewed to try to trick news editors into creating articles and news stories which skew to support kickback schemes to campaign backers and Detroit

Anti-Advertising – An example of this is the Chevy Volt ad showing the Volt being driven into a gas station for the owner to use the bathroom and then the owner getting abused and harassed by the other customers. For millions of dollars of ad buys and video production, the main subliminal message is that you will get harassed if you buy the car and you associate it with bathroom urges. Chevy and Madison Avenue knew EXACTLY what they were doing. You don’t spend millions on “focus group ad response research”, as shown in the UI/UX research budget for this ad, without knowing it will have a negative effect ahead of time.

Manipulation Front Organizations – False front organizations which appear to be one thing are actually manipulating funding, public policy and media coverage, ie: McKinsey, EPRI, Goldman Sachs, “Plug-in America”, Lobby Groups, Banking Groups, Venture Capital Groups

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