Do FACEBOOK’s megalomaniac billionaire investors have a secret plan to destroy free will? The FACEBOOK “Mood Manipulation” programs.

Do FACEBOOK’s megalomaniac billionaire investors have a secret plan to destroy free will? The MANY FACEBOOK “Mood Manipulation” programs.

Facebook (Along with Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Amazon) have spent billions of dollars hiring, staffing and deploying “User Experience researchers”.

These people sit in little rooms and test how millions of online internet people will be more likely to move their mouse 1/100th of an inch in this direction, or that direction, depending on if the picture of the cat is higher or lower on the page. They study the power of manipulation. They spend billions trying to trick you in imperceptible ways.

Their job is to make you buy this, or that. Their job is to make you vote this way, or that way. Their job is to make you think this thing is bad, and this thing is good. Their job is to trick you.

They run millions of dollars of “boolean” computer programs with computers so powerful they were once used to calculate nuclear fallout. These Boolean assumption algorithms try to determine how many people the cat picture can trick to go left or right with their mouse. It is called: “Big Data”, “Data Mining”, “Marketing Optimization Metrics” but you might want to call it “Data-Rape and Privacy Abuse”.

The Silicon Valley venture capitalists that actually control Facebook are under huge lawsuits and
investigations for treating people like shit. They abuse women (Ellen Pao, Tinder, Snapchat, Google, etc.), use $100K cars as weapons in silicon valley dick-swaggering contests and buy laws in Washington at $2M a pop. They take over public beaches for private “Bohemian Clubs” (Khosla Martins Beach Lawsuit) because they want everything under their control. They buy a different escort every night, not for sex, but to control a live human, right in front of them. They call anyone who disagrees with them “Nazi’s” (Kleiner Perkins, Tom Perkins). They live in a world of ego, bluster, cash and power. Their thinking is so outside of what you, and your friends, would call normal that you would think they live on Mars.

The VC’s position on Zuckerberg was clearly voiced at a cafe on University Avenue by a group of VC’s recently: ” He is a socially inept weirdo, keep him distracted but use the system for our growth goals.”, They said.

This Illuminati-like old-boys frat house of VC’s from these particular social network companies have a grand plan.

The “FACEBOOK mood tests” call-out is not a once-only thing. IT HAPPENS EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY at Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Amazon. The VC’s who run these companies see them as tools to take over the free will of the public and steer them to do things those VC’s want done, like buy their techno-crap and vote for politicians that will accomplish their Smedley Butler-ish hostile take-over of Washington DC.

A “normal person” can’t see that they are getting manipulated every time they touch Facebook or Google. The psychological manipulations are done in such tiny ways that your conscious mind can’t see them. You simply look back one day and find that you have been doing routines that you never did before.

Some think this is a violation of each person’s First Amendment rights to free speech. It is certainly a violation of Human Rights!  Free Speech assumes you have a free will to see the speech. If your subconscious rights are being violated, then your constitutional rights are being violated too. Republicans! – Taking away your free will is like taking away your guns! Democrats- Taking away your free will is like taking away all the trees in the parks! Got it? Fix it!

A kid does not think about the fact that running his skateboard down the middle of the street will get him killed. Go-Pro says “do it, it will be fun.” His parents have to think about the true danger for him.

Right now, the public has no parents thinking about the skateboard of doom that Facebook is tricking everyone on to, in the middle of street of the internet.

They have “Terms of Service” (TOS) forms that no living human can comprehend. They own Senators. There are NO LAWS being made to protect you because they have bought much of Washington!

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Robin A- Denver


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