What is a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, actually?

What is a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, actually?

They have been all over the news lately. But, what is a Silicon Valley VC? Why are they so notorious?

Send in your links AND/OR one sentence answers. Let’s discuss…

Dave- SVB

They are frat boy pricks from rich families who only give money to other frat boy pricks in exchange for market monopolies.

DG- Silicon Valley

They are misogynist, sexist, racist, elitist, materialistic, tone deaf, manipulative, mercenary, heartless, opportunistic, greed obsessed, thieving, massively penis-focused, khaki-pants, power-mad, ego-maniacal, class-based, white male yuppie control-freaks.

S- TechCrunch

When you go to one of these PITCH CONFERENCES, if you are not part of the ivy league rich family circuit, the odds of you getting funded are zero and the odds of the VC’s just stealing your idea, if it is any good, are 100%.

Tom- Ebay, first 50 employee

The are the buyers, and investors, of the Tesla, which they use to jack each others ego off.


I have worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years, I swear to GOD, every character in Mike Judges: “SILICON VALLEY” are 70% WORSE IN REAL LIFE, in the real Silicon Valley kingdom of assholes.

Veronica L.

They are the ones who have a fleet of private, dark windowed town cars that cruise up and down SandHill Road in Palo Alto, dropping off and picking up “escorts”, aka EXPENSIVE HOOKERS!


They are PURE Frat House and this does not mean that they like Toga Parties, it means they think their shit don’t stink and they treat anybody who is not in their rich white boy club like shit, or a sex object or a disposable tool.

Donna W- Mt. View Mom

They THINK they are the Illuminati power-brokers but, in reality, they are just idiots who pay bigger bribes to Congress than the bankers.

WW- PhilD

They are all from one of a handful of elitist non-black families.

Westly – NYV


They can pay off the DOJ bosses all they want, to slow down the indictments, but with a split Washington, the jail terms are a’ comin’

 They do insane crap like this: