Why are so many hot girls mentally unbalanced (ie: Crazy)?

Why are so many hot girls mentally unbalanced (ie: Crazy)?

If you are a guy asking this question, it might be because of YOU!

Hot girls get asked, pushed, cajoled, forced, pressured, driven, and/or set-up to have sex with someone every 2 hours of every single day. No, they don’t have sex with a new stranger every 2 hours, they get hit on by someone different every two hours. This causes them to have more sex, in many cases, than regular, non-theatrically faced, girls. That is a math thing and a social pressure thing. It is like the gaming odds in Vegas.

When girls have sex, their brains squirt some stuff into their body chemistry called Oxytocin. Oxytocin makes you attach to other people and get very emotional. This Oxytocin reaction does not really happen much for men. In other words: Men and women have totally different post-sexual reactions, pretty much always!

Men can walk away from sex without a second thought. Many women get emotionally attached, and then devastated, when they can’t understand why the man walks out of the relationship right after a sexual incident.

Hookers learn to ignore the Oxytocin effect so they don’t get bummed about the constantly changing man-switch. Many hookers and porn stars commit suicide because the chemical conflict just destroys them. Hot girls who take up most of the every-2-hour offers eventually learn how to do the same thing (ignoring the Oxytocin triggers) and have lost the passion and drive for sex by the age of 30. Being a hot chick is not all it is cranked up to be.

I am thinking this is an intentional cover-up that schools and parents keep shushed-up. Why wouldn’t they tell us this in High School? This is some god damn important info that all of us are left languishing in doubt about. Many years of anxiety would be solved, for billions of people, if they just told us this pretty important fact from the get-go!

So you have super hot girls who are getting emotionally slammed every two hours AND feeling dumped every time they have sex; imagine what a year of that will do to your head! Imagine 20 years of that! You would be crazy too.

Don’t ever tell cute little girls that they are “cute little girls”! That starts programming girls to only be an objectified image from their kindergarten days. That starts the craziness and begins their Kardasian-ness.

Send in your links. Let’s discuss.

Susan- Yale U.

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