How The World ACTUALLY works!


How The World ACTUALLY works!




  • Only a handful of men control 90% of the news broadcasts and news media in the world. They coordinate with half, of the other few men that control the media, to decide which news is shown, or hidden.

  • 95% of U.S. Politicians engage in bribery. They stop certain people, companies, or groups from accessing government resources if those parties do not pay them. They get paid through: “Revolving Doors” which give them kick-back jobs, after they leave office, with those who bribed them; sports and event tickets; club memberships; internet search engine manipulation services; cars and plane tickets; prostitutes; stock market warrants; covert family trust fund investments; off-shore tax shelters; reverse merger shell companies; Flash Boy stock spoofing services for their payola stock; press release distribution services; magazine covers; socialite event tickets; interns; using taxpayer funds for personal campaigns without getting investigated; and other crimes.

  • The Democrats represent the factory and crude labor workers. The Republicans represent the factory owners and bosses

  • Republicans hate global warming and climate references because scientists say their factories caused it and they don’t want to pay to fix it.

  • A handful of billionaires control the policies of both U.S. parties.

  • Republican strategists know that the ratio of workers to bosses is about 1000 to 1. This means that the Republicans have only a tiny number of core members, so they have to swell their ranks by pulling in religious and gun issues in order to get some of the workers to jump ship to their side in order to swell voter ranks

  • The Democrats know that migrants hate bosses and factory owners, so the Democrats swell ranks by trying to get as many migrants into the U.S., as possible, before the elections.

  • Young women, prior to age 35, have a chemical urge to have sex and make babies. When they orgasm, while young, Oxytocin chemicals in their brains make them addicted to the man they had the orgasm with, even if he is a bad person.

  • Government agencies, who you thought were supposed to investigate and prosecute crimes, have had their authority to investigate and prosecute crimes removed, in order to prevent politicians from getting investigated and prosecuted for crimes. In most political crimes, the only person allowed to prosecute those crimes is the Attorney General, who works for the very politicians you want prosecuted.

  • Men naturally believe women to be inferior because of body chemistry and social programming. Silicon Valley, which is run by white, elitist males, rarely hire women because they, fundamentally believe them to only be tools for sex and baby making.

  • The President of the USA controls the NSA. He is the boss of the NSA and decides what is does and if it may even continue operations. The agenda of the NSA is set by the President of the USA.

  • The “2.5 kids and a white picket fence” concept of the American Dream was created by the banking industry to sell loans and mortgages

  • “Valentines Day” was created by Hallmark to sell greeting cards

  • “Christmas” was created by merchants to sell everything

  • Wars fought to protect “National Interests” means that a handful of corporate campaign financiers want something that some other country has. The cover story of “helping save the so-and-so’s” has never resulted in helping the “so-and-so’s”, and usually gets ten times more of them killed.

  • Babies take away 18 years of the most active part of your life, end your ability to sleep or spend money on things you want and limit your fun to their needs. Churches, factory owners, banks and governments promote making babies in order to create adult slaves to their membership systems

  • Homosexuals don’t create “families” and thus cost churches and banks income. That is why churches and banks oppose homosexuals

  • The human mind cannot make credible decisions until after the brain finishes evolving at age 40. Prior to this, few human brains can comprehend the consequences of actions and young humans will, generally, always undertake immediate gratification even though the action will destroy their lives. Science has proven this as fact.

  • Online dating can never work. Humans decide about relationship potential from in-person chemistry. Online dating eliminates and erroneously skews all human assessment potential, leading to failure, in most instances. 90% of the people who meet in online dating, never see each other again.

  • There are thousands of religions, each with different “Gods” who each say their God is the only actual God.

  • The Catholic Church has admitted to money laundering, real estate fraud, organized crime and the organized rape of young boys.

  • Most federal agencies have been hacked multiple times, including the CIA, The White House, The entire federal background check files and the Department of Energy.

  • Corporations and government agencies cannot stop hackers unless they remove every piece of equipment with a built-in “back-door” from their networks, which they are unwilling to do because their suppliers will lose money on the removal. This guarantees that every corporation and government agency that has not yet been hacked, will be hacked.

  • Tens of thousands of spies, hackers and hobbyists watch everything you do on everything you own that has a plug or a battery. If you think you do nothing of interest to them, you are very wrong. They like to watch you take showers, listen to you have sex or arguments, and watch everything you buy and where you go. You are their Honey Boo Boo.

  • Fraternity Houses are systems created by rich white families to organize the business and social collusion between their rich white male children. Fraternity houses breed racism, rape, misogyny and crony political corruption.

  • Sorority Houses are systems to select, and train, sex providers, and baby providers, for the rich white males in the Fraternity Houses.

  • Venture capitalists operate via a group of Mafia-like cartels that collude, price fix, monopolize, rig-the-game and bribe politicians together. They are almost all white males from Fraternity House who only do things as a Cartel. This also applies to bankers.

  • Babies make women social slaves while the husbands are gone and take their women off the market for the key years that they are still attractive to the majority of males.

  • Some women select the man they are going to marry by how much alimony they think they can get from him 3 to five years later. They choose to have babies in order to win higher alimony amounts. They force a dual home purchase in order to take one of the homes away in the divorce trial.

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google all say, in their business plans, and SEC filings, that they make money by spying on you and selling our private information.

  • Silicon Valley spends more money on prostitutes than all of the cities in America, combined.

  • U.S. taxpayers have lost over six trillion dollars from the Afghanistan War yet received no benefits from it.

  • Nothing in the world kills larger numbers of people, at the same moment, than commercial passenger jet flying.

  • A lithium ion battery spontaneously blows up, somewhere in the world, every 12 minutes.

  • If voters put a ballot measure on the ballot, to eliminate the Electoral College, and make every candidate be judged by the exact number of votes they got, it would change the course of history.

  • Men have a built-in mental state called “Territoriality”. They will sabotage any other man who comes onto their perceived “turf”, particularly if that man has anything do do with a female that they know, even if the female is just a friend.




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