About That Organized Crime Operation In California

Reference: About That Organized Crime Operation In California

– JANUARY 21, 2015

The Alliance
Claiment Representatives

Dec. 18, 2015

Edmund G. Brown, Jr. – Governor
Ken Alex- Liason
Marybel Batjer- Chairperson
Betty T. Yee – Controller
Micheal A. Ramos – Board Member
Julie Nauman – Executive Officer
Eric – Our Government Claims Program Officer

Government Claims Program
State of California
400 R Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811

Dear Marybel and State Of California Representatives:

Thank you for your letter of Dec. 7, 2015. This is to notify you that we WILL be attending the State hearing on January 21, 2016, along with associates, members of the press and voters. We are referring to this hearing, in the media, as “THE CALIFORNIA ANT-CORRUPTION HEARING”. In the event of over-flow attendance, we invite all voters, who can’t make it into the building, to meet in front of the California State Capitol. We intend to reject your rejection and distribute information, as to why, to your board.

Additional details will be published on the CALIFORNIA CONDUIT page at http://www.capitolcrimesquad.com and distributed globally on torrent and drawstring technology.

Your letter states that our claim is “accepted” and “rejected”. We accept your acceptance of our claim and reject your rejection of our claim. The cause of action continues to this day, so all of the accrual and statute of limitations  issues are moot. We still qualify for award of damages by your Board.

The accrual of cause of action is still on-going, so the Board has jurisdiction. To engage in a continued cover-up and subrogation of duty, in attempting to get out of public transparency, is a great injustice to voters everywhere, don’t you think?

You never even spoke to us, yet you rejected our claim? What will voters think of your telepathic skills, wherein you profess to be able to make life-altering justice decisions without even discussing the facts?

You state, in your letter, that the issue is “too complex” for you to understand. The issue is simple: “California State Officials engaged in organized crime kick-back schemes and sabotaged our company, and other companies, because they competed with the companies that the corrupt California State officials had their illicit stock, campaign funds and payola with”.

What’s so hard about that to understand? It is just another plain old everyday corruption scandal.

If some of the Board Members are incapable of understanding the single largest political activity covered by the newspapers of the State of California then maybe they need to resign.

On that note, we see that Board members, who are delegated to judge us, hold financial, tax-write off, real estate interest and other financial and political conflicts-of-interest which, the law, voters and morality says, should cause them to recuse themselves. We look forward to The Board, swearing before God, and the State Constitution, that they hold no conflicts of interest in financial, revolving door, appointing party, tax form, stock warrant or other items.

We all know what the full FBI, GAO and Ethics Committee investigation files say about the Solyndra case, and the other related investigations. If you want to play games, we are going to make certain that this one plays out ahead of the 2016 Elections. Stone-walling, “no-response” and non-response letters are no longer going to aid you.

We point you to a book detailing some of the ways in which the, still active, corrupt parties will now be terminated by the public and the media.

See it at this link:

We don’t mind telling you in advance. I’s not a secret. It is totally legal disclosure and transparency. Get ready to see how it works. Eric Holder, Steven Chu, Eick Strickland, Robert Gibbs and “gobs” of other famous, yet corrupt, White House officials, and federal agency leaders, got kicked to the curb shortly after we had “the conversation” with their bosses. Now we have started having “the conversation” about California officials. If you think you are more skilled at evasion and injustice than the feds were, then we wish you luck, but we wouldn’t put any money on your side of that bet if we were you. We have 300 million U.S. voters who think that your brand of corruption “sucks”, and that’s a quote. Go out on the street and ask some of them. We did!

We point you to another book about one of YOUR kick-back schemes at this link:

Boy, those lithium ion batteries were a great idea, huh? Causing wars, deaths, fires, cancer, corruption, more fires, brain tumors, fetal deformation, toxic vapors, crashed airplanes, and more fires. Not so “Green”, right? Not so “California Climate Positive”, right? Betcha wish you had not got that stock in your hidden family trust funds.

We have over a million pages of evidence on public, and court record, in the federal cases. You guys keep getting the hell hacked out of you by China and Russia and they keep posting more stuff. Do you really think the head-in-the-sand approach is going to work here?

You told us we should sue you because that would be better. You sabotaged all of our money so we can’t afford to sue you and you know it. Your suggestion to “sue you” is a cold slap in the face. Are you going to give us the $2.5 million dollars that it costs to sue you? As taxpaying state residents, who started their companies in the state, only to get sabotaged by state officials, costing us our resources, the law says that YOU have to provide us with FAIR AND EQUITABLE LEGAL REPRESENTATION.

How will you be providing that to us so that the millions of voters who following this, in social media, around the world, don’t think that your promises are just a sham? They would hate to think, and we would hate to think, that our own people stabbed us in the back over a dirty payola kick-back scheme using taxpayer money.

So, the bottom line is: Don’t reject us. Don’t reject us without even giving us a non-monkey-trial, non-rigged hearing. Make the conflicted and overwhelmed Board members, who find this all “too complex” for their comprehension, resign. Get us a legal resource, to sue you with, if you want us to sue you. Be nice to those FBI investigators that have been busting so many California Senators, and other officials (ie: James Brown, Jr., etc.) and stop being weasels!

We look forward to your reply-


Scott, George, Eric, Andy, Susan, et al.

CC: FBI-Comey, FBI-DJ, U.S. Senate, News-desks, Public Social Media, Torrent Archives, GAO, ACLU, Judicial Watch, ADG, CBS News, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Ca. Bee, et. All