THE POWER, an energy company, has a plan to save California from the Methane Disaster


THE POWER, an energy company, has a plan to save California from the Methane Disaster




By Susan Keen




A California clean energy company has a plan to save the West Coast from the disastrous Southern California Methane air flood. THE POWER ( ) has some ideas to help their State.



They want the State of California and SoCalGas to give them the mountain top that the gas leak is emanating from. They want to bring in an overnight “Hot Shot” team of engineers, Army Corps of Engineers experts, specialized utility workers and Silicon Valley scientists to “kick the Methane Leak’s backside” with an aircraft hanger-size “War Room” of top technologists and construction specialists.



The company’s team has delivered novel technologies and solutions for other major disasters, refugee situations and national challenges. Now they want to put their skills to work in their own backyards.



They say: “capture the Methane and re-task it.” Pointing to the waste disposal ponds in many major California cities such as EBMUD’s Oakland Facility and San Rafael California’s waste treatment center, they point out that passersby can see domes over some of the containers. They suggest immediate coverage of the whole Mountain with temporary capture domes which are easy and rapid-erection systems.



While some may say that the domes will “blow away” on a mountain. Local engineers point to the gleaming white “Golf Balls” on top of California mountains such as California’s Mount Tam. “See that huge white ball up there”, Says Scott, one of the program analysts. “It houses very expensive radar gear. It faces the harshest weather that the entire Pacific Ocean can throw at it. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Domes work and many, many companies can deliver them. Domes can capture that Methane.”



The idea is to cover the Mountain where the leak is coming from with rapid-erection domes ASAP. In Environmental Defense footage, using special broad spectrum camera’s, the methane plume is shown as being conical with a condensed release point. That makes it a bit easier to target.



The first domes capture it and send it off to one of three different systems. Things called “Plasma Processors”, “Steam Reformers” and “Molten Processors” turn the bad Methane into good Hydrogen, on site, and nearby, to power all of Toyota’s, KIA’s, BMW’s, Hyundai’s and Honda’s new fuel cell cars. Once the early domes are erected. A bigger, longer-term, dome set would be erected over those first domes.




From lemons to Lemonade






THE POWER wants to ring the mountain with a new generation of Methane cameras, which can triangulate the moment-by-moment leak data. They want to use three different kinds of Methane converters and use the site to triple duty as an effectiveness shoot-out between the systems, which can each be modularly expanded as one beats the other in output. They would turn the billions of dollars in losses into billions of dollars clean energy while capturing CO2 by-products.



They have all of the suppliers, team leaders and suppliers “ready-to-go”. “Someone just needs to say “Do it” and put $15M in a purchasing account to cover the launch expenses.” Says THE POWER.



While fifteen million dollars may sound like a big number, it is far less than the hundreds of billions in dollars in damages and potential lawsuit awards that are now accruing.



There are other players jockeying for a shot at being the fix. SoCalGas has publicly stated that they are open to any suggestions and California Public Utilities Commission bosses are encouraging all possibilities to help solve this horrific problem.