Why Nobody Should Worry About Trump Being President

Why Nobody Should Worry About Trump Being President




President Obama has proven, once and for all, that no radical President will ever be allowed to do radical things. Obama has been one of the most ineffective President’s in American history while being elected via one of the most effective radical marketing and search engine-hype campaigns in history.



Trump’s Kardashian-izing of political media will probably get him elected, but there is no need for the chunk of the population , that hates him, to be worried about too many strange things happening during his term.



Yes, his wife will make the White House the party glam capitol of the world. He will pass a handful of oddball laws and Middle Eastern immigrants will have much bigger back-ground checks, but, that is about all he will be allowed to accomplish by the rest of Washington, DC.



For all of the big talk, Obama will go down in history as the leader of the VA corruption, Department of Energy Corruption, Secret Service corruption, DEA corruption, Crooked Eric Holder Administration that left nothing positive behind for America.



The separated branches of Government put the brakes on Obama, even though he had billions of dollars of behind the scenes influence buying from George Soros and the Silicon Valley billionaires. That payola covert campaign money never bought love or effective leadership. It bought America the FBI-raided Solyndra and the biggest public privacy abuse scandal in human history.



Looking ahead, those who fear a Trump Presidency would do well to look back at the “Nothing Accomplished” Presidency of Obama. If a President gets too wacky, the system WILL shut them down.



Trump rules in the polls, the media and public reaction because he has mastered media hell-raising. He is an expert at it and his rivals are not going to beat him at that kind of game. The digital public loves it.



Members of EVERY political party, in America believe that the American political system is broken. They ALL want change. Trump is a bull dozer of change. Obama was a lawn mower of change that ran out of gas. Trump and Sanders are the only candidates who have spoken of “Sweeping Change” and 90% of the voters, in most every poll, have said that they want “Sweeping Change”.



The Middle East has launched sweeping change with riots and a pitchforks-at-the-gate approach.



America is set to launch sweeping change with a funny hairdo and a novel approach to humility.

America’s revolution will happen in a less bloody manner, powered by AquaNet and hubris.



Trump Could Win It All


A new survey shows a sizable number of Democrats ready to defect from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.




Trump’s the one?


By James Warren + More



So if Donald Trump proved the political universe wrong and won the Republican presidential nomination, he would be creamed by Hillary Clinton, correct?


A new survey of likely voters might at least raise momentary dyspepsia for Democrats since it suggests why it wouldn’t be a cakewalk.


The survey by Washington-based Mercury Analytics is a combination online questionnaire and “dial-test” of Trump’s first big campaign ad among 916 self-proclaimed “likely voters” (this video shows the ad and the dial test results). It took place primarily Wednesday and Thursday and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.


Nearly 20 percent of likely Democratic voters say they’d cross sides and vote for Trump, while a small number, or 14 percent, of Republicans claim they’d vote for Clinton. When those groups were further broken down, a far higher percentage of the crossover Democrats contend they are “100 percent sure” of switching than the Republicans.



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When the firmed showed respondents the Trump ad, and assessed their responses to each moment of it, it found “the primary messages of Trump’s ad resonated more than Democratic elites would hope.”


About 25 percent of Democrats “agree completely” that it raises some good point, with an additional 19 percent agreeing at least “somewhat.”


Mercury CEO Ron Howard, a Democrat whose firm works for candidates in both parties and corporate clients, concedes, “We expected Trump’s first campaign spot to strongly appeal to Republican Trump supporters, with little impact – or in fact negative impact – on Democratic or independent voters.”


He continues, “The challenge to Hillary, if Trump is the nominee and pivots to the center in the general election as a problem-solving, independent-minded, successful ‘get it done’ businessman is that Democrats will no longer be able to count on his personality and outrageous sound bites to disqualify him in the voters’ minds.”


Trump’s formidable challenges remain obvious and in no small measure reflect his general style.


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A total of 66 percent of Democrats are very concerned with it, as are 32 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of independents, according to the survey.


Further, 65 percent of Democrats said that the “prestige” of the country would be hurt by his election, as did 19 percent and 29 percent of Republicans and independents, respectively.


But what if Trump lowered the bombast in a general election?



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