(VIDEO) The Cleantech Crash: How Google Insiders Screwed America

The Cleantech Crash: How Google Insiders Screwed America

Google VC’s, owners, investment bankers, lobbyists and executives were the primary financing and manipulation group behind the taxpayer scam documented in the 60 MINUTES episode, called THE CLEANTECH CRASH. This abuse of public funds, via a payola campaign finance kick-back scam has lost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars of their money. While the public is aware of the FBI raid on Solyndra and the mysterious, sudden, disappearance of Abound, Fisker, Ener1, A123, and the rest, immediately after receipt of vast amounts of taxpayer dollars; the deep connections to all of the Google key players, finances and holdings is truly disturbing. The fact that Google billionaire: Eric Schmidt’s position, in White House policy meetings and federal hiring decisions, exceeds the combined positions of ALL OF THE U.S. CONGRESS is disturbing to most people from ANY political party.

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