Formal FCC Complaint filed over Google Investor Ownerships and covert hidden campaign financing

Formal FCC Complaint filed over Google Investor Ownerships and covert hidden campaign financing

November 1, 2015

Tom Wheeler, Chairman

Mignon Clybum, Commissioner

Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner

Ajit Pai, Commissioner

Michael O’Rielly, Commisioner

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Tom Wheeler| Chairman

Tom Wheeler was sworn in as the 31st Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on November 4, 2013. Chairman Wheeler was appointed by President Barack Obama and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate.

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Mignon Clyburn | Commissioner

Mignon Clyburn served as Acting Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission, following her appointment by President Barack Obama on May 20, 2013. She was nominated for her first term as Commissioner on June 25, 2009 and sworn-in on August 3, 2009. As Commissioner, she is serving a second term for which she was sworn in on February 19, 2013.

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Jessica Rosenworcel | Commissioner

Jessica Rosenworcel was nominated for a seat on the Federal Communications Commission by President Barack Obama and on May 7, 2012 was confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate. On May 11, 2012, she was sworn in.

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Ajit Pai | Commissioner

Ajit Pai was nominated to the Federal Communications Commission by President Barack Obama and on May 7, 2012 was confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate. On May 14, 2012, he was sworn in for a term that concludes on June 30, 2016.

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Michael O’Rielly | Commissioner

Michael O’Rielly was nominated for a seat on the Federal Communications Commission by President Barack Obama on August 1, 2013 and was confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate on October 29, 2013. He was sworn into office on November 4, 2013.

Dear Chairman and Commissioners:

This is a formal complaint filed with the FCC against Google, Inc. Copies of this document, and associated evidence have been published globally and CC:d to all concerned parties.

Google, Inc., and, it’s financially connected front companies, and investors, have provided billions of dollars of non-disclosed campaign financing in the form of search engine manipulation, public user mood manipulation, counter-ideology news story hiding and DNS server re-direction, along with other media communications selective ideological information manipulation. Recent court decisions have proven that Internet social media advertising and information manipulation IS a campaign contribution.

Google has not reported their use of these political actions, nor have they reported the parties who financed them to undertake these actions, nor have they reported their true ownerships and pass-along controls of these actions by extreme political interests among their owners and handlers.

This is a violation of U.S. laws and a violation of the trust of the public with which you are charged.

Google has been paid billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury.

Google’s investors were exclusively awarded billions of dollars in the Department of Energy “Cleantech Scandal”. In that scandal, Google used U.S. communications resources to falsify stock valuations for people like Elon Musk, while promoting Elon Musk and hiding all negative news about Elon Musk while Google investors exclusively profited from those manipulations using U.S. communications resources.

More heinously, Google used U.S. Communications resources, to character assassinate domestic U.S. Citizens who were U.S. voters in order to engage in political retribution against those citizens attempts to report Google’s violations. Senators, CBS news reporters, average citizens, competitors and many more, numbering in the thousands have lost their lives, incomes and careers because of Google’s malicious political attacks ordered by the extremists Silicon Valley Billionaire Cartel owners.

The voters of America ask that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate these charges.

The voters of America ask the U.S. Congress to hold special public hearings to review the evidence in these charges.

While it is well known that the current FCC represents the interests of the Democrat political party, even the most liberal views cannot tolerate the private, covert, extreme political manipulations engaged in by Google and it’s egotistical narcissistic investors. No matter your ideology, to condone the conspiratorial private business manipulations that Google, and it’s investors, have engaged in, at the expense of the American public, must be beyond the conscientious tolerance of any political employee.

Tens of thousands of published news stories, along with hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence, now en-route to your committee, prove this to be fact. The key points include:

  • ## The Silicon Valley billionaire Cartel controls much of the content broadcast on a Internet via their ownership of GOOGLE assets.

  • ## GOOGLE is part of an expanding global web of websites in which the Silicon Valley billionaire’s involvement is obscured.

  • ## When candidates, whistle-blowers and public news reporters need to be killed, with character assassination, top political operatives issue the kill-order to GOOGLE

  • ## Behind GOOGLE’s coverage is a fact that’s never broadcast: The The Silicon Valley billionaire Cartel controls much of what airs on the Internet, which can be heard on Capitol Hill and at the White House.

  • ## Elon Musk was given tens of Billions of free taxpayer dollars as a kick-back and then Google covered the whole thing up. “That whole Solyndra “Cleantech” fisaco was just a scam to finance their White House takeover plot.” Eric Schmidt has spent more time inside the White House, on lobby campaigns, than all of the members of Congress, combined.

  • ## Investigations, spanning every state, have identified at least hundreds of communications entities that are part of a covert U.S. news web structured in a way that obscures its majority shareholder: GOOGLE and it’s stock benficiaries.

  • ## Corporate and regulatory filings around the world, identify a web of news Internets connected to Silicon Valley campaign financing Billionaires and behind-the-scenes control of Google operations

  • ## Google, inc. has covertly, illicitly and unethical harvested U.S. voters personal information, psychologically analyzed that private data and sold user and voter psychological profiles to outside third parties, without fully disclosing those third parties, and their intents.

  • ## Reporters monitored broadcasts in many of these states, programming distributed primarily in English and Silicon Valley Billionaires, but also in local languages, including Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Regulatory, zoning, property, tax, immigration and corporate records, including news Internet purchase contracts and lease agreements prove that these associated Internets primarily broadcast content created or supplied by GOOGLE or by media companies it controls in the United States, Australia and Europe. Silicon Valley Billionaire businessmen, who are GOOGLE’s local partners, run the companies and in some cases own a stake in the Internets. The network reaches across America and to outside territories.

  • ## In almost all cases Google, through covert ownership tricks, owns the majority control of the news information but obfuscates that fact by theatrical record-keeping.

  • ## U.S. law enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prohibits covert secret internal governments, or their representatives, from holding a news license for a U.S. broadcast Internet. Under the Communications Act, covert payola individuals, governments and corporations are restricted from ownership in entities that can be manipulated to control public perceptions for ideology.

  • ## These allegations state that Google, and it’s investors have engaged in organized crime and the violation of U.S. laws by operating covertly for private business and political gain.

  • ## U.S. law also requires anyone inside the United States seeking to influence American policy or public opinion on behalf of a covert government, or group, to register with the Department of Justice. Public records show that GOOGLE’s U.S. Silicon Valley Billionaires-American business partner and his companies haven’t registered as lobbyists or political agents under the law. Google has clearly engaged in the broadcasting of propaganda for private personal gain and the manipulation of U.S. policy to benefit the personal stock holdings of its investors and the politicians they compensate with those stock holdings.


The Voters of the United States

In Reply to: Record Keeping Secretary – Senate Ethics Committee- U.S. Senate

CC: All relevant parties

Enclosures: Evidence Packs 1 through 122. Provided on DVD and in torrent uploads on common file sharing servcices.