BLACK FRIDAY!!!! The Silicon Valley Unicorns Begin Their Death march! Stock market Hell

Art Cashin Comments On Today’s Crash: “The Fed Will Try Anything”

“The Fed will try anything,” warns Art Cashin, calmly explaining that markets “are in ‘deep concern’ mode,” currently and if the S&P hits 1857, “there might be another whole new round of selling.” The Fed’s solution, Cashin stoically explains to a dumbstruck CNBC anchor, that “it doesn’t matter that it hasn’t worked in the past,” The Fed will unleash moar QE to save the world.

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Nasdaq Collapse Leaves No Major US Equity Indices Positive Post-QE3

Who said this market was all driven by The Fed?

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More Smoking Guns – Will Hillary’s Next Stop Be The White House Or The Big House?

There are now more than 100 FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton. Her denial that she is at the core of their work is political claptrap with no connection to reality. It is inconceivable that the FBI would send such vast resources in the present dangerous era on a wild-goose chase. It is the consensus of many of us who monitor government behavior that the FBI will recommend indictment. If the FBI recommends indictment and the attorney general declines to do so, expect Saturday Night Massacre-like leaks of draft indictments, whistleblower revelations and litigation, and FBI resignations.

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Dow Crashes 650 Points From Bullard Bounce Top

Some folks are selling… a lot.

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S&P Crashes Below August 24 “Black Monday” Lows

“Inconceivable” … but there is more to come.

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Why Senator Cruz’ Undisclosed Goldman Loan Is A Real Problem

The dishonesty here is that Cruz has pretended to stand against the bankers. But Cruz is bought and paid for and would be in the pocket of the New York Banks no different than Hillary, Bush, or the rest of them who take money from this crowd. You do not forget to report a loan from Goldman Sachs when your wife is a managing director. Come on. How stupid do we have to be to entertain this excuse?

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S&P Enters The Latest European Scandal: Downgrades Poland From A- To BBB+

As so often happens, whenever there is a political spat in Europe, the rating agencies are quickly involved (thing S&P and Moody’s downgrades and upgrades of Greece depending on how well the vassal nation is “behaving”), and moments ago S&P downgraded Poland from A- to BBB+ outlook negative, precisely due to Poland’s new media law which has been the topic of so much consternation over the past week. In other words, S&P is now nothing more than a lackey for Brussels, threatening to send Polish yields higher if Poland does not fall in line.

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European Stocks Enter Bear Market

When “whatever it takes” meets “get me out now!”…

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US Freight Volumes Fall For First Time In 3 Years As Baltic Dry Crashes Under 400

For the first time in three years and before that the recession, the total volume of freight moved by road, rail, pipeline, inland waterways and air has fallen Y/Y. Meanwhile, on the high seas, the Baltic Dry has collapsed under 400. 

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If It Walks Like A Bear, Growls Like A Bear…

BofAML says that clients are no longer in “denial” about recession/bear market risks; but clients not yet willing to “accept” we are already well into a normal, cyclical recession/bear market.

How about now?

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WalMart To Fire 16,000 As It Closes 269 Stores Globally

Behold: the effect of an across the board minimum wage hike…

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No, Goldman Is Not Calling For An “Oil Bull Market”: Here Is What It Really Said And Why It’s Bad News For Banks

There has been some confusion overnight whether Goldman, in a note released overnight, is calling for a new “bull market” in oil and commodities in general. Goldman did not call for a bull market. This is what it did say, and it is not good news for US banks.

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Recession Imminent As Business Inventories-To-Sales At Cycle Highs

Just as Wholesale inventories-to-sales ratios flash recessionary signals so Business inventrories-to-sales point to US heading towards an inventory-dump recession. At 1.38x, the ratio is the highest since the last crisis as both sales and inventories fell Mom but year-over-year, sales tumble (-1.4% YoY) and inventories rise (1.6% YoY).