Google and the Spy: How a spoonful of dirt almost destroyed America

Google and the Spy: How a spoonful of dirt almost destroyed America



By Tom Enders, Bradley Pogue, Wendy Offerman and Dave Chen. Originally submitted for The Guardian.




The White House just announced that billions and billions of dollars would be reserved for Tesla and Google’s self driving cars (Both companies having been funded by the Obama Administration). At the same time, John Krafcik, the Google executive, said in Detroit at an Automotive News conference Tuesday held in conjunction with North American International Auto Show, that Google wants to be the boss of self-driving cars and wants the auto industry to join it. At the same time Google has hired former White House Deputy National Security Adviser Caroline Atkinson to lead its global policy team, to push self-driving cars, as the Internet advertising giant seeks an advocate to deal with regulators around the world.




The funny thing is, nobody in America knows of anybody that says that they want a “self-driving car”. Are Self Driving cars really a thing, or just another way to scam taxpayer dollars into Silicon Valley’s latest boondoggle.




While many believe that this is just another illicit campaign financing kick-back scheme, this time for Hillary’s campaign, as Solyndra was for Obama’s campaign; the reality is far darker.




Let’s step back in time:




Robert James Woolsey, Jr was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the son of Clyde (Kirby) and Robert James Woolsey, Sr.[1] He graduated from Tulsa’s Tulsa Central High School. In 1963, he received his BA from Stanford University (Phi Beta Kappa), and in 1965 his MA from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and an LLB from Yale Law School in 1968.


Woolsey was founder and president of Yale Citizens for Eugene McCarthy for President from 1967 to 1968. Woolsey is credited as having created the idea to offer the Internet to the public as a way to spy on citizens with their knowledge.


Woolsey is a member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and was one of the signatories to the January 26, 1998 letter sent to President Clinton that called for the removal of Saddam Hussein.[11] That same year he served on the Rumsfeld Commission, which investigated the threat of ballistic missiles for the U.S. Congress.[12] In 2008, Woolsey joined VantagePoint Venture Partners as a venture partner.[13]


John McCain hired Woolsey as an advisor on energy and climate change issues for his 2008 U.S. Presidential election campaign.[14] In April 2011, Lux Capital announced that Woolsey would become a venture partner in the firm.[15]


In July 2011, Woolsey, in cooperation with Robert McFarlane, co-founded the United States Energy Security Council. Woolsey currently sits on the Board of Advisors for the Fuel Freedom Foundation.[16]


He currently serves as Chancellor at The Institute of World Politics.[19]


Woolsey was CIA director when Aldrich Ames was arrested for treason and spying against the United States. The CIA was criticized for not focusing on Ames sooner, given the obvious increase in Ames’ standard of living;[5] and there was a “huge uproar” in Congress when Woolsey decided that no one in the CIA would be dismissed or demoted at the agency. Woolsey declared: “Some have clamored for heads to roll in order that we could say that heads have rolled…Sorry, that’s not my way.” Woolsey was forced to resign from the CIA in shame.[6]




Woolsey was a keynote speaker at the EELPJ symposium on wind energy and biofuels in Houston, Texas on February 23, 2007, during which he outlined the national security arguments in favor of moving away from fossil fuels.[23] In a July 2007 interview with The Futurist magazine he argued that U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil ranks “very high” as a national security concern.[24]


Woolsey is featured in Thomas Friedman‘s Discovery Channel documentary Addicted to Oil,[25] and in the documentary film Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006), addressing solutions to oil dependency through the development of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and use of biomass fuels such as cellulosic ethanol both of which he, his family and associates own/owned stock in. He is a founding member of the Set America Free Coalition, dedicated to freeing the United States from oil dependence. He is on the board of directors for the electric vehicle advocacy group Plug In America.


Plug In America is a lobby group funded by Silicon Valley venture capitalists who hold monopolies in lithium ion batteries. Tesla and Google’s investors and owners are the core backers of Plug-in America.


He is an advisor to The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, a think tank/lobbyist focused on “energy security”. He overtly hates hydrogen energy and fuel cells because they compete with, and obsolete, his lithium battery investments.


Woolsey is known for clearly articulating his hatred of clean, sustainable hydrogen and fuel cell energy. He has advocated for measures to fight global warming[2] using the lithium ion batteries he has invested in.


Woolsey was interviewed in Boris Malagurski‘s documentary film The Weight of Chains 2 (2014), in which he said that the “United States and the CIA made mistakes and make mistakes all the time”.[40]




Woolsey was outed as a “War Profiteer” in the article: Woolsey Needs to Make a Choice Between Being a War Profiteer or War Pundit The Washington Note July 10, 2005. In this, and many other articles, the Gollum-like Woolsey is called out for making money off of the manipulation of war and espionage situations.




In July 2011, Woolsey, in cooperation with Robert McFarlane, co-founded the United States Energy Security Council. Woolsey currently sits on the Board of Advisors for the Fuel Freedom Foundation.




[16] The Fuel Freedom Foundation was officially launched in October 2012 by philanthropists Yossie Hollander and Eyal Aronoff.[1] The foundation has a mission to end the United States’ dependence on oil by removing barriers to competition in the transportation fuel market. Through this group, Woolsey pushed his own stock holdings .[2]




While the Japanese auto industry disagreed with Woolsey on the idea that the deadly, toxic, explosive, cancer-causing, worker killing lithium ion batteries were the “end run” for vehicle alternative energy, Detroit embraced his pitch.




During Woolsey’s time, the CIA announced that it had “uncovered” documents that revealed that “Trillions of dollars of lithium” was in Afghanistan and that “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”. Indeed, thousands of news articles, under those headlines reveal the true story. The lithium mines of Afghanistan were a bait-and-switch shell game promoted by the departing Russian’s, who had just given up on Afghanistan.




The recent U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was promoted by Silicon Valley billionaires, including Google’s owners, who had been promised the monopoly on those lithium fields, for their electric cars.




The initial intelligence was provided by a CIA team run by one Mr. Woolsey. Who owned stock in the lithium ion.




Nothing shady there? Right?




A small spoonful of dirt had been “covertly returned to our labs by clandestine CIA geologists”, operating deep inside Afghanistan on a dry lake bed. That dirt revealed that “vast wealth lays in the desert ripe for our taking”. But did it?




Goldman Sachs, long a beneficiary of the scrapings of CIA adventures, was pitching that dirt like it was the water from the fountain of youth. To this day, the argument continues about whether or not the Russian’s faked that sample, or not. Was it the real deal or was it as fake as the Afghan goat poop laying all around it?




The Silicon Valley VC’s put Elon Musk and Solyndra in charge of exploiting the fruits of the war. Both companies were designed to exploit the mining of Afghanistan. Google as silent shareholders, covertly ran the marketing, stock hype and exploitation of Tesla, Solyndra, V-Vehicle, Plug-in America, The Google “RechargeIT” initiative and now: “The Self Driving Cars” program. All of it just to push the failed Afghan mined lithium ion batteries and indium that all of Google’s insiders had acquired a monopolistic hold on. All promoted to them by Woolsey and his spy “advisors”.




So far most of the car and battery companies created to exploit the war profiteered Afghan lithium have “blown up”, literally. Lithium blows up when it gets bumped or wet. This reality, after epic fires, FBI raids and horrific corruption, has sent most of those Obama financed companies into bankruptcy.




Back to today:




Now the scheme has gone to hell…




  • Propublica is reporting that the whole U.S. got scammed on this deal. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has labeled this Afghan mining scheme a disaster for the U.S. Investigative reporter: Megan McCloskey , and her team found that the problem was worse than anyone imagined




  • The loss to the American taxpayer, to date, from the U.S. adventure in Afghanistan, is over six trillion dollars. Many analysts attribute the missteps in Afghanistan to the creation of ISIS

  • Steven Chu, the bag man for the Obama administration, gave quite a bit of emergency Department of Energy to Russian held companies. This shocked many Americans. Many wondered if this was part of the payoff for the “tips” about the Afghan lithium. Those “tips” turned out to be a scam, though. Chu, and his staff, resigned in shame.

  • Panasonic, a lithium ion battery partner of The Silicon Valley Cartel, has since been charged with dumping, bribery, corruption, price rigging, killing workers, and other nasty lithium ion activities

  • Lithium and Afghan mining executive Frank Guistra has now figured prominently into the email leaks and Clinton Foundation funds

  • Multiple other senior spy executives have been fired, or forced to suddenly resign, after being caught running private war profiteering. A woman who was the top NSA spy was even caught and terminated




  • The famously missing Malay MH370 passenger jet had it’s cargo compartment stuffed with lithium ion batteries destined for Tesla and others. Did they blow up like all of the hover-board lithium ion batteries that blew up this Christmas




  • The auto industry has rejected Woolsey’s pitch for lithium ion and dedicated the future to clean hydrogen energy and fuel cells

  • “Plug In America” has been outed as a sham meat puppet troll for the lithium ion industry




  • Google has been exposed as the recipient of CIA funding and the operator of the largest taxpayer spying operation in history

  • Google, Tesla and the rest of the “Cleantech Leaders” all have turned out to have been the primary campaign financiers of the Obama, Reid and Feinstein political campaigns as well as the exclusive beneficiaries of the largest taxpayer give-aways in history

  • Nobody wants a lithium ion Tesla, now known as: “The official car of douchebags and assholes”. Tesla’s orders are 1000% below what Tesla wrote in it’s federal documents. Tesla’s cars never stop blowing up and Tesla has even lost a LEMON CAR lawsuit

  • Oh, yes; those “largest taxpayer give-aways in history” were all distributed to them under orders from Obama, Reid and Feinstein, who all owned stock in those companies, just like Mr. Woolsey




So when you hear about Google doing something with electric cars, don’t dream of electric sheep, or be like electric sheep. Don’t be naive. Ignore the sham facade of altruism that Google ties to coat all of it’s political and greed-based maneuvers with.




Google’s bank accounts are built on the bodies of dead American soldiers, and napalmed Afghan shepherd families and some of the most overt Washington DC corruption in history.




Eric Schmidt, the head of Google, has spent more time in the White House, telling the White House who to hire, what laws to make and what companies to fund, than all of the members of Congress combined. When Schmidt isn’t in his “sex penthouse” he is in The White House directing FCC laws, reductions in consumer privacy protection, energy policy, Patent office roll-backs and other Machiavellian treats.




Google got in bed with bad spies, did do evil, and never stopped doing evil.