Is The Department of Energy Headed Off To Another Set Of Solyndra Scandals?

One of our staff received an accidental forward of an email to the Head of The U.S. Department of Energy. It looks like the whole Steven Chu catastrophe did not make much of an imprint on Department of Energy staff.

We contacted the authors of the letter who said they were dismayed by the lack of response and the existing facts published on such sites as  and on the 60 Minutes segment called: “THE CLEANTECH CRASH”

In another possible case of the “WILL DOE EVER LEARN” department going off the rails, questions must, again, be put to The Department of Energy, by the public and Congress, about what DOE executives have done to ensure that another age of corruption, at the Energy Department, is not springing up anew!


——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Re: Please Put us on Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Solicitation Offer Lists
To: EERE-ExchangeSupport@Hq.Doe.Gov,, fy16fctoofficewidefoa@EE.Doe.Gov,,,,

Dear Secretary Moniz:

We sent Department of Energy Staff numerous letters, prior to the 1/15/2016 deadline to submit the concept letter. We needed their response in order to respond to the solicitation by the proper deadline. Your staff never replied and now the deadlines have passed. It appears that we are being cut-out of the program because we do not have personal friends in the Department of Energy. Is this the case? Are we being penalized for not being connected to a campaign financier, as past investigations have exposed?

We see that the Department of Energy has been sued, Congressionally investigated and has open federal investigation case files on it for doing the same exact thing in the past. According to public records, In the past, Department of Energy officials promised to respond to applicant’s by a certain deadline, refused to respond until after the deadline, and then, the moment the deadline passed, responded with a note that the applicants were now disqualified because they had missed the deadline which DOE officials had intentionally caused them to miss.

The records show that DOE staff held stock and revolving door job promises in the competitors to the applicants. Is that the case, again here?

In the past, in the exact same situation, U.S. taxpayers lost nearly a trillion dollars on Solyndra, Abound, Ener1, etc. because they have been shown, by investigators, to have been campaign finance kick-back deals. Steven Chu and his staff were fired, dozens of famous federal officials were marched to the curb and organized corruption was clearly shown to be in operation in the program.

If this is just another rinse-wash-repeat, we will be forced to take legal and news agency action on behalf of ourselves and the public. This is an election year. You will, likely, also lose your job and share the same legacy of shame as Mr. Chu will share for all of recorded history. We understand that funding friends and private sector future employers may sound like a sound personal career move but it is a felony.

What assurances, and guarantees can you give to us, and the American public, that the reign of corruption and campaign finance kick-back schemes at the Department of Energy is over? How can we be assured that we will be treated ethically and fairly; without manipulation by DOE staff beholden to campaign financiers or DOE staff who hold stock and future job promises with our competitors, who are also going to be “the winners” of these solicitations? Non-responsive form letters and stone-walled inaction moves are ill-advised, per the U.S. Congress reps we have spoken with.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

The Staff of THE POWER