GOP and Republican Candidates Seek To Halt Obama’s “Driver-Less” Campaign Financing Scam

GOP and Republican Candidates Seek To Halt Obama’s “Driver-Less” Campaign Financing Scam





President Obama wants to give billions and billions of dollars, via the Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy, to his two biggest campaign financiers: Google and Tesla.



Even though “I want a driver-less car” is tens of thousands of lines below, say: “FUND EDUCATION”, “CURE CANCER”, “FIX POT-HOLES” and other legitimate public requests, Obama has rushed this “Driver-less Car Cash” to Tesla and Google, his campaign bag men, who happen to be the only people madly making driver-less cars that nobody wants or needs.



Let’s look at this. In a bad economy, a rich boys toy is getting shammed up so that Obama can create a cost bucket to fund the floundering DNC by taking everybody’s tax money and giving it to two DNC bosses so they can covert float it back to the DNC.



Isn’t that called a Ponzi Scheme or a shell-game or some other kind of slang that describes a crime?



Just as in the Steven Chu/Department of energy kick-back scam, Google and Tesla are again getting free federal cash for doing nothing but acting as the middleman to pass it back around to a national election slush fund.



When will this kind of corrupt politics ever end?