How The “DOMINO HACK” is the biggest hack in history and it has already changed the course of life on Earth!


How The “DOMINO HACK” is the biggest hack in history and it has already changed the course of life on Earth!




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Dan Fellows, Roger Everly. With acknowledgement to ProPublica






A clerical error may have changed the course of human history…




As the story goes, “Gavinder” was a GS-7 programmer at either the DIA or the NSA, he misunderstood a directive about the order to put hidden triggers in Cisco, Linksys, Juniper Networks, Apple and Samsung equipment. These triggers were supposed to allow intelligence officers to look at all of the communications of potential bombers, any time they wanted to.




Gavinder screwed up. He programmed the protocol in a poorly constructed way. Either Gavinder was an anarchist genius or a hacking idiot, we will never know.




Gavinder’s folly was to leave a system on most of the electronics of the world, and EVERY network on Earth that any high school kid could open up in fifteen minutes. Rather than dwell on all of the technical details of the idiocy, suffice it to say, the mistake is the same thing as if Bank of America had put all of it’s money in the biggest steel safe on earth but had put many doors on the safe…and sealed almost every door with a piece of masking tape.








60 Minutes, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and every major news publication, has now revealed that EVERY person, company and Western political office and agency has been hacked and vacuumed up since 2007.




This is no longer a secret. This is not the whispered rumor of an old X-Files episode or an Alex Jones rant. No credible agency can deny this fact.




Who has been using these “back doors”, located in everything, to spy on everybody? The Chinese Government, The Russian Government, The Nigerian Government, The Iranian Government… pretty much every government that doesn’t like Western dirty politics. Those, of course, are the usual suspects.




They may not, though, have been the most prolific. With various versions of down-loadable software, ranging from a cost of twenty dollars in bitcoin to “free”, any disenfranchised school kid can be cruising around inside the servers of The White House, NASA, The CIA, The Miss America Pageant or the entire California State Assembly’s personal emails. These kids are bored and looking for distractions. They love to read about, and share, Senator’s wiener photos, arrangements with their prostitution services and bribe details.




Then you have the low paid workers who used to work for those state agencies that went independent and now hack for profit. There are estimated to be over 10,000 of them plowing through all of the voicemails, skypes, texts, camera phones, web cameras, on-board microphones, private Facebook settings, emails, file servers, CAD files and all things digital. They sell the info, that they find, to your competitors.




Then there are the “political opposition researchers”. Sid Blumenthal, and people like him, run an army of operatives who delight in using any method to get dirt on any political operative. Every candidate for President in 2016 has already had all of their, and their staff’s, and their lovers, private communications, scanned dozens of times. It will be used. Count on it. It will come out at the last minute, just before the election, at the point when it will most certainly wipe out top candidates.




You can start to see why this hack is called THE DOMINO HACK. Like falling dominoes, it is automatic, self-generating and it’s many branches forever branch into endlessly falling, alternate lines of exposure.




That isn’t the most interesting part.




The original spies, had jealous agency counter-parts who, run by males, went into “me too” mode to avoid being one-upped. So you have over 14 different sets of surveillance, held in different locations, by different agencies with different allegiances. Every single one of those original agencies has multiple Edward Snowden’s and Julian Assanges.




See how the waterfall effect of this accidental super hack gets it’s wings?




Right now, The billionaires of the world, facetiously called “The Illuminati”, are meeting in Davos to discuss the plight of billionaires. It seems that the majority of the world seems to hate them because they act like ass-holes. They are shocked, shocked we say, to discover that nobody likes them bribing politicians and running amuck. Their global pedophile rings have been uncovered at the highest levels of British and American government. Their sex islands and jet planes full of prostitutes don’t go over that well with the regular folks. The DOMINO HACK has begun to put all of their sins on display to the world. A hacker, called Guccifer, ,easily found Hillary Clinton’s covert email and, along with many others, plowed through the secret Bohemian Club, the vacation spot of The Illuminati, spilling their secrets. Thousands of others followed his pathways into the most secret enclaves on Earth.




The rich elite have lost their power and their control mechanisms in one fell swoop of a Juniper Router.




While part of what is going on, in the effects of THE DOMINO HACK, are conjecture, today only 10% of it is still in question. It is an undeniable fact that every background check that the U.S. Government had on file was taken. It is a fact that Snowden proved that everything is bugged. It is a fact that the U.S. Department of Energy was hacked hundreds of times. Every day brings a new admission. The back-doors can now be viewed, in every device, by modern analysis systems available to any entity for less than three hundred dollars. The Rothschild Family, the most covert and mysterious top-of-the-heap super-rich got hacked. The Saudi King: He and his staffed were hacked.




Somebody really, really screwed up.




Part of the screw-up was intentional. The NSA works under orders from The White House. The president’s staff feels under siege from the GOP so they use their advantage of “targeted NSA requests” to read the GOP’s email’s and texts to see their tactics before they use them. Why kill that golden goose? That keeps the DOMINO HACK going.




Cisco, Linksys and Juniper Networks executives knew about the back-doors as they sold billions of dollars of their hacked hardware to Sony, The Department of Energy IT guys and the rest of the world. They were complicit. Who pays for that? That keeps the DOMINO HACK going.




The news media loves the leaks more than life itself. They lap them up. That keeps the DOMINO HACK going.




Financial payola keeps the DOMINO unfix-able. Every Cisco, Juniper Networks, Linksys, Samsung and iPhone device has a back-door in it. Every hacker has the key to those back-doors. If a hacker, or North Korea, finds even a single Cisco or Juniper Networks device touching your email provider or your corporate network, then they are inside all of your email and every engineering diagram your company ever generated. If you remove every piece of Cisco Equipment and every Juniper Networks device, that stops the DOMINO HACK. BUT, your Senator and your IT guys get paid bribes by Cisco and Juniper Networks, and their resellers, for specifying their equipment in corporate and government bids. No corrupt politician or scamming IT buyer is going to kill that other golden goose, ether. That keeps the DOMINO HACK going.




In amongst these various heartbeats of the DOMINO HACK, new iterations emerge every week. Iran and China have now launched their version of World War Three using the DOMINO HACK to force TPP and arms negotiations in their direction, under threat of showing John Kerry “doing something bad with a goat” or The White House trading “popcorn for monkeys” in order to keep the lid on some scandal that they can expose in the drop of a GITHUB posting.




The reality is: There is no possible way to stop the DOMINO HACK and much of the world does not want it stopped. China wants it accelerated, in most cases.




When will we see Hillary’s entire personal, possibly illegal, emails? Someday soon. The hackers have it.




When will we see Elon Musk‘s and Google‘s secret negotiations to trade campaign financing for government monopoly rights. Someday soon. The hackers have it.




When will we see what really happened with Solyndra, Kleiner Perkins and some Russian Mobsters. Someday soon. The hackers have it.




When will we see the actual financial records of the trillions of dollars of corruption in Afghanistan that tracks right back to Washington, DC and Palo Alto, California? Someday soon. The hackers have it.




In Sacramento, California, the State Controller: Bill Lockyer, received some disturbing news about his personal life and his exclusive kick-back arrangements with Elon Musk and Solyndra’s backers. It came from multiple hackers and he was not the only one. John Boehner and Harry Reid, suddenly stepped down. The head of the American Department of Energy and the U.S. Attorney General, at the time of maximized power, suddenly ran for the door. What kind of dirt did the hackers have on them. When will the general public get to see it. Someday soon. The hackers have it.




Were you a victim of crimes that corrupt politicians engaged in? Were you a taxpaying citizen that had a hit-job put on you by a dirty politician?








Sue those dirty politicians. The evidence will show up when you file your case on public record. The Chinese will offer to sell it to you. Ukrainian teenagers will torrent it to you. Opposition researchers will hand you a manila folder full of papers, paid for by a Democrat or Republican billionaire. Congressional Chief’s of Staff will hand you a thumb-drive. 60 Minutes will ask you to come in and “give us your opinion on some documents that showed up”. The Blaze will get an email full of ZIP files that reveal that your evil Senator owned the stock in your biggest competitor. You can legally use any information you find, as evidence in a court case. You can’t go out and hack stuff. That is not legal. You don’t have to hack anything, though. Everybody else has already done that for you. China has built an internal Facebook-like database on political figures it has the dirt on. Even federal law enforcement agencies will leak things to you, to help your case, if you are going after a criminal politician that they are having a hard time taking to the mat. Ask Hulk Hogan.




No dirty politico will ever be safe again. Outsiders Trump and Sanders are in the lead, not because they fix anything, but because they promise to break things. People love them because they are the human manifestation of hacking the status quo. They are the results of THE DOMINO HACK.




You will never forget the things that will happen in the 2016 election. Many reporters have already been offered the shocking fruits of the DOMINO. Many reporters know what is coming. Some billionaires are buying entire publications to try to shut them up (ie: Bezos, Adelson, etc.) but the attempt is too little, too late. You can’t stop the news.




For all of the big shots the biggest news at Davos is that the biggest secrets of the billionaires are now in the the wind.




The hackers have it.










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