Twitter is dead because it was the political bitch of a few twisted venture capitalists

Twitter is dead because it was the political bitch of a few twisted venture capitalists



Twitter was bought and owned by Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt and the twisted sisters of Kliener Perkins. They made Twitter their bitch and caused every sane adult to finally answer, when asked if they Tweet: “What’s the point?”

THAT is the point! Twitter is the most pointless empire ever created. It does nothing for anybody except make kids commit suicide from cyber-bullying, harass people, cause mental problems from accelerated narcissism, trick you into spying on yourself for the NSA, privacy abuse you, expose you to hackers and much more that is just bad !

Twitter was a tool to espouse their self glorification and political ideology while using the public as a white noise blanket to create the appearance of group echoes.

Those echoes, though, turned out to be computerized robot trolls, android click-farms, and corporate hype machines with no actual humans behind them. The Twitter-verse was almost entirely fake.

Twitter was tooled to elect certain politicians and to try to get public buy-in on certain laws that would benefit Kleiner and the Goldman Sachs frat house boys club.

Singer Adelle figured that out and bypassed the bogus world of “social media” in her latest album release. It was a huge hit because she realized that “social media” was just contrived Silicon Valley BS that made no difference to anybody.

Elon Musk bought massive numbers of Twitter accounts, epic numbers of fake follower’s and paid to get himself forced on every single new sign-up as a top “suggested person to follow”. What an arrogant conceited ass!

Twitter was a white boy self-masturbatweeting world of yuppie children. Twitter hated hiring women and Black’s and only hired Indians and Chinese until they got the code done and then shipped them back to Asia before they could get any stock options.

Twitter staff had epic sex scandals, an utter lack of real world experience and an overt desire to only hire people ” like themselves ” to try to run a message service that masqueraded as being “inclusive”.

A huge bunch of people want ISIS to stop Tweeting. They can have their wish by letting Twitter die.

It was a hell-hole of boys, tech and ego that built a walled garden experience which no user actually cared about. Humans are easy to manipulate into routine duties. Twitter made a few routine clicks replace thought and intellectual discourse. That only goes so far. The Emporers New Clothes have been illuminated as nothing more than a digital facade.

Nobody on Earth needs, or wants Twitter. Stupid kids will use it for awhile to harass each other but they soon grow bored and it is gone. The fabled ” we will get them while they are young and own them until they start making money” promise of Twitter’s business plan is as false as the Emporers imaginary robe.




Jack Dorsey confirms four more Twitter executives to leave company


Jack Dorsey dismisses ‘inaccurate press rumours’ about sudden departure of four senior staff, promoting Adam Bain and Adam Messinger to fill the gaps


CTO Adam Messinger is to take on more responsibility after the departure of four senior staff.


Jemima Kiss in San Francisco





Twitter’s chief executive responded to the sudden departure of four senior executives on Sunday by tweeting a detailed statement emphasising their contribution to the company as it moved from “near zero revenue to the over-$2bn run rate it is today”.


Jack Dorsey confirmed that senior vice-president of engineering Alex Roetter, vice-president of global media Katie Jacobs Stanton, HR vice-president Skip Schipper and senior vice-president of product Kevin Weil are all leaving the embattled social media firm.


Attempting to reassure staff and investors about the stability of the company, Dorsey said chief operating officer Adam Bain would be taking on additional responsibilities, including “revenue-related product teams”, media and HR.


— Jack (@jack) January 25, 2016


I’m forever grateful to @aroetter, @katies, @skipschipper & @kevinweil for everything they’ve given to Twitter. They are absolutely amazing!


Chief technology officer Adam Messinger will be heading up engineering, consumer product, design and research, user services and Twitter mobile development platform Fabric. Dorsey said the two of them would be partnering “day and night” to coordinate the company’s development.


Twitter is under increasing pressure from shareholders to increase revenues and become more aggressive against competitors including Facebook and younger rivals such as Snapchat.



Stock rout demotes Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from billionaire to millionaire


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Dorsey said he had wanted to talk to Twitter staff about the changes later in the week, but now needed to set the record straight after “inaccurate press rumours”. He did not explain which reports were inaccurate, although news of the departures was first reported by Re/code earlier in the day.


“I’m sad to announce that Alex Roetter, Skip Schipper, Katie Stanton and Kevin Weil have chosen to leave the company. Alex and Kevin, both here over five years, scaled the ads product and engineering teams,” he said. “[They] have run all of product and engineering together for the last 18 months, helping to drive an increased pace of execution.


“Katie, also here over five years, has grown a global team that brings the world’s best, most engaging, and most powerful content onto our services.”


Schipper, he said, “played a key role scaling our HR functions … globally”. All four are said to be planning time off.


Twitter is planning to announce two new board members, a new chief marketing officer and a head of PR, according to Re/code and the New York Times.


— Chris Sacca (@sacca) January 24, 2016


One of @jack‘s strongest talents is landing top shelf talent and board members.


Long-time Twitter investor Chris Sacca, who has also been outspoken in his criticism of the company, said Dorsey would be able to appoint strong talent, but that Twitter would need to ensure new board members increased the diversity of the board.