Department of Energy attempts cover-up and whitewash of the most criminally corrupt program in U.S. history!

Department of Energy attempts cover-up and whitewash of the most criminally corrupt program in U.S. history!

By Donna Gleason – Special to Voat

The American energy department is flooding news outlets with articles that seek to convince voters that its mind-numbing crimes, epic failures and horrific political payola scams never happened.

In a campaign which mirrors the twisted revisionist perversions of “the-holocaust-never-happened” people, The Department of Energy believes it can convince the voters that it has truly only delivered green-energy Unicorn farts to America and that voters should bow, on their knees to the god-like wonder of Secretary Moniz’s bizarre haircut. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, they trumpet, Oz-like, across the press release circuits.

The FACTS are quite different than the cotton candy clouds of PR hype that have recently emerged from the DOE in a tsunami of press BS.

The DOE lost over a trillion taxpayer dollars because of their crony-ism and failures

The DOE handed Goldman Sachs tens of billions of dollars of upfront fees and bankruptcy tax write-offs for jamming ” cleantech” companies into the death line, where they instantly went bankrupt after filling up the campaign investors bank accounts via illegal skims.

The DOE handed campaign billionaire financier Frank Guistra, now under investigation in both the funding of Obama’s and Hillary’s campaigns, illicit lithium and uranium contracts. The DOE, under a bill for emergency green energy funding in a “crisis-level domestic economy” handed U.S. taxpayer cash to Russian mobster billionaires in the Ener1 and Severstal give-aways, in exchange for kick backs in Afghanistan mining deals. Ener1 immediately went bankrupt, yet campaign billionaires made a hundred million dollars in profit by exploiting tax write-offs.

The DOE funded Solyndra, which had covert ownership by Senator Feinstein. Solyndra immediately went bankrupt and got raided by the FBI. Solyndra dumped toxic materials, was shown to have been owned by campaign financiers and lost over $500M in taxpayer cash. Goldman Sachs made over $40M on the failure. Solyndra’s tubes exploded into flames, on their own, on users roofs, as did panels from other DOE funded, Afghanistan-mined, projects.

A123 got taxpayer cash; was co-owned by DOE officials, relied on Afghan lithium mining contracts, suddenly went bankrupt, after getting the taxpayer cash, and the Sachs Cartel took a windfall on the tax write-off, again.

The same thing happened with Abound Solar. Sudden bankruptcy, toxic dumping, investigations.

The DOE funded the most cancer-causing; factory worker killing; fire starting; fetus mutating; liver damaging; airplane crashing; explosive; self-flame initiating; Afghan War profiteered program in the world: Lithium ion batteries. DOE staff and bosses own the lithium ion companies, and their stock. Even DOE’s own scientists wrote extensive papers about this toxic material which becomes increasingly unstable over time, explodes when it gets wet, or bumped, and may have been why Afghanistan was invaded. By the way, that Afghan war has now lost American taxpayers over $6 Trillion dollars according to major universities.

The DOE funded the campaign financier called: Fisker Cars. Then millions of dollars of lithium ion Fisker cars blew up and melted into slag heaps when they got wet in a storm. Your Tesla and Fisker blow up if their batteries get wet. The global crisis of exploding hover-boards, proves how deadly these batteries are. Fisker was suddenly bankrupt, taxpayers lost more money, Goldman Sachs made a profit on “fees”, “skims”, “stock pumps” and “write-offs and the company was sold to China, via Senator Feinstein’s husband, a close buddy of China’s.

Silicon Valley collusion firm: Kleiner Perkins, paid to put Department of Energy staff in office so that those DOE bosses could crony-kick-back the DOE cash to ONLY Kleiner Perkins and their Cartel members who own most of Google. History now proves that only Kleiner/Google Cartel members got cash and every single one of their competitors were denied and sabotaged by DOE staff working with Google and Kleiner hit job resources.

The DOE funded the giant solar mirror project called Ivanpah. The system never worked for anything but roasting birds in mid air, blinding pilots and wasting money. It was not only not the promised “free” or “cheap electricity”, it turned out to be the most expensive electricity in America. To underscore the failure, special supplemental generators had to be built to even keep Ivanpah going.

Elon Musk has now been revealed to exist in the world only due to tens of billions of dollars of government handouts and monopoly rights, given to him, and his backers in a crony payoff scheme. He famously built toxic, exploding cars, rockets and a battery factory that poisons its workers and the environment. Most of Musk’s crony payoffs came from DOE, which hired his business partners to make “fair” decisions.

DOE solicited hundreds of companies and asked them to bring the best technologies on Earth to help the nation. Their request was a sham. It was a cover story for a bundle of cash that had already covertly been hard-wired and secretly promised to a handful of political crony’s. None of those great American innovators were ever going to be given a chance at that cash and DOE knew that from the day they announced the grant and loan programs. DOE defrauded the applicants, tricked them into waiting and spending money on false promises, and used them to manufacture the cover story that the program was ” open to all”. It wasn’t. The DOE programs are rigged, and staged, for the exclusive purpose of crony payola compensation in exchange for the payment of political bribes.

60 Minutes has an investigative episode, which you can see on their website, called: ” THE CLEANTECH CRASH”. It details how Kleiner Cartel members raped taxpayer’s, using the Department of Energy as their bitch, and then gave America’s technology to China at low ball prices. Senator Feinstein’s family assisted with that and profited on the China deals. The whole thing stinks from Palo Alto to Beijing.

There are hundreds of other hard facts and proven examples of organized crime-level corruption and historical failures in the Department of Energy period from 2007 to today. This is not “spin”. This is not an opinion that is “subject to interpretation”. These are hard facts with proven evidence from the GAO, The SEC, The NSA, Chinese Hackers, The FBI, The U.S. Senate and the national news media. All of these corrupt crony failures happened. They happened at the Department of Energy. It is a travesty for the Department of Energy to use taxpayer resources to try to cover it up and re-write historical facts.

Now the Department of Transportation (DOT) is being used to conduit cash kickbacks, again, to Tesla and Google for their Afghan War mining scam contracts to exploit dirty lithium ion in their “driver-less cars”. This is just an extension of the DOE crony kick-back program.

Does that sound like the DOE was ” successful”? They were successful in operating the largest criminal revolving door and bribery payoff campaign, ever! Their efforts on behalf of America, and the voters, were an epic failure.

Department of Energy officials say that they “conducted massive due diligence on each applicant”, but the only due diligence that was undertaken by Steven Chu and Secretary Moniz was that they were very diligent about ensuring that only campaign financiers got the money, and that all other applicants were stone-walled and sabotaged.

There are a plethora of reports and investigations citing “White House orders” to manipulate the Department of Energy program funding to exclusively benefit campaign financiers. This brings about the famous Watergate question: “ What did the President know and when did he know it?”