Join The Anti-Google Event on February 9!



Recently the San Francisco Board of Supervisors revisited San Francisco’s new Commuter Shuttle Program, which regulates commuter shuttles commonly known as “Google buses.” The new legislation faced a massive out-cry, from the public opponents of the elitist shuttles. The Board decided to postpone this issue and revisit it on February 9, 2016, at San Francisco City Hall.


All members of the press and the public that oppose Google’s and Facebook’s privacy rape of the public, and their misogynist anti-women, Ageist and anti-black hiring practices, are asked to meet at San Francisco City Hall on February 9, 2016. Anti-Google advocates are encouraged to begin assembly in the City Hall Plaza beginning at 8AM that day.


The public is asked to help voice it’s continued disdain for these white, yuppie, self-centered buses that are too ashamed of who they work for to put their logos on these commuter shuttles. These shuttles are bad for commuters, bad for pedestrians, damage the economy, and our environment, not to mention they increase traffic congestion.


Google & Facebook Buses Hurt Our Community In The Following Ways:


  • Per government investigations and public surveillance at bus stops, almost no women are hired by these companies

  • Per government investigations and public surveillance at bus stops, almost almost no blacks are hired by these companies

  • Per government investigations and public surveillance at bus stops, almost nobody over 30 and certainly nobody over 40 is hired by these companies in order to keep their “Frat House” culture “pure”.

  • Per filed lawsuits, these companies abuse workers, psychologically manipulate young naive people with Google “mindfulness” and “group alignment thinking” not unlike Scientology, fire workers who question the party line, sexually abuse and pressure interns and young workers for sexual services, have been murdered by prostitutes, promise workers upside that they know does not exist and spy on their own workers.

  • These buses support massive public privacy and data harvesting for nefarious purposes.

  • These buses represent and encourage corruption and organized crime by bribing Mayoral, Supervisor and Department bosses with cash, expense payments, revolving door job promises, stock warrants, sexual services providers, Super Bowl tickets, Super Bowl party invitations, Box seats at sporting events, free Internet search engine up-ranking and hundreds of other “unjust gain” payola bribes which only benefit the elected officials of San Francisco and hurt the public by expanded corruption. The owners of these companies are under international anti-trust, corruption, monopoly and bribery investigations and have been publicly charged, by the heads of multiple nations as: “Digital Mobsters!”

  • The plain white buses are offensive to many people from the Jewish Culture because they are reminiscent of the mass transportation of Jews, via generic buses with no logos, to death camps. In light of the covert intent of these buses and the mass harvesting of bay area youth via HR programming, members of the community demand that the buses carry their corporate logos in large graphics, visible from over a block away, as every other bus does.

  • Commuters are forced to funnel around the buses and, in a dense pack city, this causes horrific traffic jams. For example, the Google buses, daily create havoc by funneling, already congested Divisadaro Street Traffic near Fulton and “Gas Station Valley” into a complete shut-down of the flow of traffic when the Google bus cuts off the entire right hand lane. These buses are a menace.

  • The driver turn-over is high and pedestrians are often not seen in time, by the novice drivers who do know every intersection and pedestrian walkway. This creates a life-threatening danger for the many pedestrians in the City and simply adds more potential vehicles to hit pedestrians.

  • A waiting bus uses a tremendous amount of energy, space and emits a variety of toxins.

  • The Buses have encouraged City of San Francisco employees and contractors to lie to the public in order to get their bribes. By lying to the public and manipulating data in order to please their handlers, they are doing the same thing that Google does when it lies to the public to sucker them in with “free stuff” then data harvests them, and lies about how they use the data to please their handlers. Two wrongs do not make a right!




Let these people know that San Francisco and California are NOT FOR SALE! ( )


The companies, that these generic painted buses deliver the robot-workers to, have the (federally documented) lowest hiring numbers of American, female and black workers in the Nation, yet they get the largest free taxpayer hand-outs in America. Can you spell: C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N !?


San Francisco politicians are paid bribes by Google and Facebook to run these buses. The only people that benefit, in San Francisco are The Mayor and San Francisco’s new Commuter Shuttle Program executives when they get their campaign funding, golf memberships and free dinners at The Westin. After they get out of City Hall, they have been promised payola kick-back “revolving door” jobs in Silicon Valley with the very companies running these buses. These promised payola jobs are “BRIBES!” and they are felonies!


San Francisco has seen it’s City destroyed by an influx of bearded, naive, idiots who work, like mindless robots, for the “most evil corporations on Earth”. Silicon valley can’t house enough idiots to run it’s privacy abuse shops so it tells the Bro-grammers to “Go up and live in San Francisco, Don’t worry about the commute, we will pick you up!” San Francisco is being “culture-raped” by Silicon Valley billionaires who have zero concern about the indigenous people of the area. Much has been written about Silicon Valley’s “Rape Culture” but what does that term mean?



It refers to rich white men who were raised to believe that they had special social privileges because their parents, and fraternity houses, trained them to think that they existed in order to use others to meet their needs for pleasure, power and money.



This concept of “White Elitist Privilege” is a passed-on concept of land-owner and factory-owner control created in the feudal times of old Europe.



The people who owned the land, and resources, acquired by organized European murder fests called: “land wars”; created a mythos which sought to trick those who did not own those things into thinking that the rich owners had special powers, or special wisdom, due to some magic in their “blood-lines”.



In fact, due the the rape of servants, cousins, townspeople and siblings, almost no “blood-lines” remained pure for long in the “nobility”.



One might suggest that, “if the townspeople were stupid enough to believe that some guy named Smith had super-powers because he was named Smith, then they deserved all of the use-and abuse that they were subjected to”. This would be a Machiavellian, and harsh, assumption about people who were, essentially, brainwashed, from birth, to believe that the feudal Lord was better than them. As the CIA, and Google, have proven, it only takes a month of repetitive information iteration to brainwash the political, social or moral beliefs of any population.



In Silicon Valley the Joe Lonsdale rape case, the Ellen Pao Sex abuse case, The Ravi Kumar and Forrest Hayes Sex murder cases, The Stanford Frat house rape cover-ups, the Intern sex abuse scandals, The Stanford Professor’s Sex scandals, The Silicon Valley Hooker parties, The Rosewood Hotel Thursday Night Sex Pick-up parties and hundreds of other twisted perversions, which involve a Silicon Valley VC, or Tech exec, abusing a lower income person are flowing like water down the tainted white water rapids of technology deviancy.



Google uses Scientology-type worker culture programming to turn starving 22 year olds into blindly obedient drones. They make their workers ride on their buses, eat their food, go to their parties with their co-workers in exclusive settings, read only Google approved news, use Google devices which track them, take a battery of CIA-created psychological hiring tests, go to “mindfulness classes” to become more drone-like and, essentially, become weaponized for Google’s manipulations. The bank accounts of Google workers may be large, but their minds are empty and their ability to care about others is gone. Not only does Google turn helpless youths into robots but Google is spending more money than any other American company to displace workers with robots.



While being an intern, Stanford co-ed, or blonde divorcée, in Palo Alto, pretty much guarantees that you will face a gauntlet of high-tech date rape drugs, extortion, moral compromise and VC sexual exploitation, the rapes and social abuse do not end with the sex. All of the fraternity houses that the Silicon Valley VC’s came from have now been charged with “rape factory” abuses. These men were raised as, and trained as, abusive animals, on every level.



BUT, Imagine having your brain raped!



The VC’s buy the politicians, tax investigators, SEC officers and law enforcement agents that are supposed to stop them from doing their crimes.



These VC’s have paid billions of dollars to Presidential, Senate, Gubernatorial, Attorney General and Mayoral campaigns, as bribes, in order to buy their way out of any law enforcement attention. The FBI should be stringing them up, but…for some special reason: they don’t. This is the rape of America’s political system. It is a rape of the public trust of over 300 million citizens. Their bribes, to allow over a trillion of their tax dollars to be hidden overseas, rapes our schools of our teachers and rapes our streets of pot-hole repair. Are your local services being cut? Thank John Doerr and Eric Schmidt.



The Silicon Valley VC’s have also formed a Mafia-like Cartel. This dark and spooky men’s club came from the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Club concept of Omerta secrecy rich boys who sought to control things by only doing business with each other in order to commercialize the commercialization of monopoly creation. They do everything you saw in the Francis Ford Coppola “Godfather” movies except they wear more khaki and drive Tesla’s instead of Cadillacs.



There is no other region, in all of America, which holds the title of misogyny, prostitution and sexual extortion capital of the nation. This fact is proven by the tens of thousands of articles, and complaints published about Silicon Valley’s abuses; and about no other city in The Nation.



Ever since HP created Sandhill road, the Cartel was just white boys. Because those white boys made their profits out of flying clever, cheap Indians over from India, getting their ideas, then shipping them back to India, before they could make any stock claims, a few Indian VC’s created a sub-Cartel. While they tried to play off their cultural “robes and temples” crunchy granola marketing, few missed the reality that India is the organized rape capital of the world. The Indian VC’s turned out to rape even more that the White Frat Boy VC’s.




The brains of the Silicon Valley rapist VC’s have one big problem…



They have had decades of programming and training to run spreadsheets out to the smallest decimal point but they can’t invent a good, creative, idea to save their souls. They are financial experts and ideation idiots.



To get the things that their Cartel wants to exploit, they usually steal their ideas. They rape the brains of others, often without paying for it.



They invite the idea people in for a chat, under the guise and pretense of: “we are thinking about investing in your idea..” In most cases, this come-on line is total horsesh*t.



They are inviting you in to get you to give them a free data dump, your “pitch meeting” at their offices is their fishing expedition to see what they want to steal from you.



The odds are small that you will be wearing the IZOD shirt, khaki pants, short greased haircut and have the perfectly symmetrical square jawed Aryan look that the VC’s have. They will hate you the moment they see you. You have been excluded from their club the second you walked through their door. You don’t have the look. You didn’t pass the ivy league “one-of-us” sniff test.



But you still have some power, you have the idea and the technology…for the last few minutes before you open your mouth.



They will say: “…now; we are all friends here. Tell us everything. We don’t sign non-disclosure agreements but we won’t steal your idea..ha, ha.. if we stole ideas, how could we still be in business.. ha, ha..”



You just bent over and spread your cheeks for them.



They will, then, listen carefully to your idea, take notes, argue a few points to try to get you to do more of their homework and then thank you and tell you they will “discuss it internally”, which means they will immediately start organizing a thieving party if your idea had any interest for them.



All of the VC’s on SandHill road, in Palo Alto, know each other and conspire and collude together, as proven in the “AngelGate”, “No Poaching”, “The Chieky Attack”,“Sony Hack”, “HSBC Hack” and other scandals.



One VC steals the idea and passes it to another to copy it, rename it and launch it via one of their friends. YouTube, Google, Facebook, Ebay and many other famous companies were created this way. That is why the VC’s poured billions into trying to bribe Congress to overthrow the patent laws. The VC’s live in fear of paying the creators they stole from.



When they see a great idea that they want to steal, they hire their buddies at Wired, Tech Crunch, Gawker Media or Hearst Publications to write a hatchet job article, or series of blog postings that defame and character assassinate you, while denigrating your technology and saying that it is impossible for your technology to work. They do this to prevent any possibility of non-Cartel VC’s from their Silicon Valley Cartel or the NVCA (essentially the same thing) from funding you and competing with their theft scheme.



Ironically, their total clone copycat version of your technology, that they deliver, works fine. Even though they said, in their slam articles, that it was impossible for it to work.



So they raped you, thieved you, used you and shut you down. Isn’t Silicon Valley lovely?



In the Klieiner Perkins sex abuse law suit, the Tom Perkins “Nazi Scandal”, The Ray Lane tax evasion investigation, Kleiner’s Vinohd Khosla beach lawsuit, the Steven Chu Cleantech Crash and Solyndra crimes, AngelGate, The Eric Schmidt Sex Penthouse and White House manipulation investigation, The In-Q-Tel funds and an army of other scandals; one thing is clear: Silicon Valley VC’s have no respect for morality or the law.



Voters must demand that the state and federal government bring crushing investigations, and penalties, to these VC’s and tech responsibility-dodgers because their crimes affect every single citizen. We can no longer let these crazy Silicon Valley billionaire megalomaniacs dictate the future of our cities!



Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support Tuesday afternoon. We will keep you updated on future developments.