Many New “Cargate” Corruption Investigation Videos

Many New “Cargate” Corruption Investigation Videos              

How to survive the internet!

How to survive the internet! ( Give your friends the link to this page: ) ____________________ 1. Never log in to anything. Never sign in to anything. Only use Apps and sites that do not use a login and keep you anonymous. Do not let the internet know that you are using the internet… Continue reading How to survive the internet!

CARGATE revelations create record-breaking # of banker suicides

CARGATE revelations create record-breaking # of banker suicides 2014 banker suicides From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 2014 banker suicides – There have been numerous banking and finance industry apparent suicides in 2014.[1][2][3] At least five of the bankers who committed suicide were employed at or former employees of JPMorgan Chase & Co.[4] On January 26,… Continue reading CARGATE revelations create record-breaking # of banker suicides

“CARGATE”- Here is what investigators now think happened:

“CARGATE”- Here is what investigators now think happened: Draft 1.5 (Linked items lead to more details) GM, Ford & Chrysler were about to go out of business and so they cooked up a scheme to create a federal handout program called the ATVM, modeled after the LG program which the nuclear industry had cooked up… Continue reading “CARGATE”- Here is what investigators now think happened:

How Grand Cover-ups Work: Discussion

How Grand Cover-ups work: Today the United Nations held a historic meeting with the Catholic Church and, essentially, accused The Church of running a pedophile cover-up on a grand scale, right to their face. As an investigator with a well known Italian newspaper, I have observed, first-hand, some of the more challenging aspects of these… Continue reading How Grand Cover-ups Work: Discussion

Forbes Rips Musk’s smoke-screen

Forbes Rips Musk’s smoke-screen (Photo Above: Tinman was RIGHT be to afraid of Fires. Musk is a carny with shiny objects) Red Herrings And Straw Men: Musk’s Argument On Tesla Fires Dale Buss- Forbes It’s still a good bet that the Tesla Model S and Elon Musk will come through their fire-investigation saga relatively unscathed… Continue reading Forbes Rips Musk’s smoke-screen