Google and Gawker Media: Partners In Character Assassination

From politicians to celebrities to journalists to CEO’s; Google and Gawker Media work hand-in-hand to synchronize character assassinations, defamation programs and brand destruction against their assigned political enemies. When a billionaire Silicon Valley campaign financier or a West Wing press aide wants someone killed, covertly, without breaking too many laws, they have the Google/Gawker take-down… Continue reading Google and Gawker Media: Partners In Character Assassination

Standing Up To Corporate Bullies and Asshole Billionaires

In most people’s opinion, Google is a big corporate bully run by “Asshole billionaires” with a penchant for demagoguery. Individuals and the voting public, as a whole, must stand up to big, unethical bullies like these!   Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior… Continue reading Standing Up To Corporate Bullies and Asshole Billionaires

Is Google Cooking The Books To Hide How Much the World Hates It?


(VIDEO) Covert Google Operative Discusses Tactics While Working For Eric Schmidt’s IQT  

(VIDEO) If Google “Could” rig Elections, This is How they Would Do It

(VIDEO) Students Sue Google For Abuse   Google is spying on K-12 students, privacy advocates warn … EFF says that it uncovered the practice while conducting research for its “Spying on Students” campaign, which was created to educate parents and school …… Google accused of spying on students in FTC complaint Google is still spying on students, the Electronic… Continue reading (VIDEO) Students Sue Google For Abuse

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New York Post – Stock Market Rigging…

Google has been charged with “Flash Boy” algorithm synchronization in which Google deletes negative information about an owners stock, while at the same time, pushing forward promotions about the owner’s stock aligned with “Flash Boy Pumps” in order to manipulate stock market valuations, while damaging competitors Steven Chu was promoted for his job at DOE… Continue reading New York Post – Stock Market Rigging…

Consumer Complaints About Google #1

Why Google Really is Evil | Fox Business Forget the NSA – it’s Google you should be worried about. Search. Sign in to comment! … Why Google Really is Evil. By Steve Tobak. Published January …… Google Is Evil | WIRED Google Is Evil Photo: Craig Baerwaldt/ Flickr. It’s bad enough when you run… Continue reading Consumer Complaints About Google #1