CARGATE: THE CARTOON! The World’s first interactive WiKi/public produced social cartoon!!!!!!!!!!

 – CARGATE: The Cartoon – ™ The World’s first interactive WiKi/public-produced social cartoon!! Based on a totally true story. Come join the production of this tale of intrigue, sex, fiery explosions, battles, more sex, big cash, more fire, spies, big politics, illuminati, and other fun stuff. Draft # 2.42 Act One: Location: Detroit glass office

Prostitutes!!! Lot’s of them! Sex and The Politicians

POLITICAL CAR CASH FOR C*********G? Nobody knows what is going on in Washington DC, or what is about to go on, like the high-end Washington DC prostitutes, known as Escorts. There are over 3000 of them in the immediate DC area that specialize in Congressman and lobbyists. Since 2008, an ad hoc group of investigators,… Continue reading Prostitutes!!! Lot’s of them! Sex and The Politicians