The California “Cargate” Corruption Connection!

The California “Cargate” Corruption Connection! One of the biggest State’s allowed some of the biggest corruption, in CARGATE, to happen. Now heads are rolling. Tons of evidence has been rolling out to reporters from Washington & Russian whistle-blowers. Share the link to this article (with your favorite reporter or Sacramento Politico): Let’s take a… Continue reading The California “Cargate” Corruption Connection!

Omerta’ : Keeping the Dark Secrets of Dark Money!!!

Today’s new word is: Omerta’ Let’s learn: Omerta’’ The origin of the word is traced (by the OED) to the Spanish word hombredad, meaning manliness, modified after the Sicilian word omu for man. According to a different theory, the word comes from Latin humilitas (humility), which became umirtà and then finally omertà in some… Continue reading Omerta’ : Keeping the Dark Secrets of Dark Money!!!