The Gigafactory: Death In The Desert

The Gigafactory: Death In The Desert By The University of Nevada, The University of Arizona, The Utah Brigade, Kelly Aston, Donald Ames and Varin Singh When reporter Andy Barron was attacked and beat-up by Elon Musk’s hench-men at the construction site for the Nevada Tesla “Gigafactory”, the toxic secret about Tesla’s dirty plans started to… Continue reading The Gigafactory: Death In The Desert


Featured Investigation: Tesla Scandal Highlights From Around the Web: Criminal Charges: Uber Scandal!!! Breaking News! Did Musk just admit a felony on live TV? Tesla patents prove Musk lied about dangers. SAFETY REPORT BUSTS TESLA. Multiple federal agency/committee probes now asked to look into organized crime charges over kickbacks re: DOE-loans-for-campaign-checks. Lithium ion VC’s who… Continue reading COVER-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!