Additional Reports and File Evidence on the Investigations- PAGE 8

 Additional Reports and File Evidence on the Investigations- PAGE 8

A vast, extensive, set of evidence documents and investigation reports have
now been filed in dozens of lawsuits relating to the CARGATE incident. The
following is a small sample of items reporters have been able to acquire.
Items will be added as they become available. You can source original
documents online, in many cases, with a keyword search:

INV204-1 INV204-2 INV204-3 INV204-4 INV204-5 INV204-6 INV205-1 INV205-2 INV205-3 INV206-1 INV206-2 INV206-3 INV207 INV208-1 INV208-2 INV208-3 INV209-4 INV209-5 INV209-6 INV209-7 INV209-8 INV209-9 INV209-10 INV209-11 INV209-12 INV209-13 INV209-14 INV209-15 INV209-16 INV209-17 INV209-18 INV209-19 INV209-20 INV209-21 INV209-22 INV209-23 INV209-24 INV209-25 INV209-26 INV209-27 INV209-28 INV209-29 INV209-30 INV209-31 INV209-32 INV209-33 INV209-34 INV209-35 INV209-36 INV209-37 INV209-38 INV209-39 INV209-40 INV209-41 INV209-42 INV209-43 INV209-44 INV209-45 INV209-46 INV209-47 INV209-48 INV209-49 INV210-1 INV210-2 INV210-3


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