CARGATE Naming-the-Names: CARGATE Master List

Naming-the-Names Master List:

PERSONS OF INTEREST Notes: The sources of the most interesting discussion. Each has their own page, click to link. All have been mentioned in 2, or more, investigations. Media investigators and agency investigators have much more data than is shown on each of their pages below. Do your own additional research. This is not an exhaustive list. No person is proposed as a suspect herein. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. All persons listed have been previously listed in published media investigations and publications, City, State and Federal investigations and lawsuits. The entities below are thought, by many, to be capable of offering more complete perspectives in the ongoing investigations. The Greenwald/Snowden documents provide additional details, to be viewed. The Guardian and Der Spiegel have an extensive repository involving the figures below, to be viewed.

Version 8.2 –   Link to this page:

Team Version 8.2 (supported by reporters from The Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, The GAO, Federal Investigators, over 40 independent reporters and a large group of public Wiki citizen journalists. We, especially, acknowledge providers from The Intercept, The Drudge Report, Alternet and the Chicago Tribune.)

CARGATEThe most interesting people in CARGATE

Steven Chu – Dept. of Energy (Self Terminated/Fired)(Under Investigation)

Rahm Emanual- White House (Self Terminated- Chicago finance head indicted for Corruption)(Under Investigation)

Robert Gibbs- White House (Self Terminated)(Under Investigation)

David Axelrod- White House (Self Terminated)(Under Investigation)

Matt Rogers- Dept. of Energy (Fired)(Under Investigation)

Steve Spinner- Dept. of Energy (Self Terminated/Fired)(Under Investigation)

Jonathan Silver- Dept. of Energy (Self Terminated)(Under Investigation)

Valerie Jarrett- White House

Lachlan Seward- Dept. of Energy (Fired)(Under Investigation)

Larry Summers- White House (Fired)(Under Investigation)

Bill Daley- White House (Self Terminated)(Under Investigation)

Steve Rattner- White House (Fired- Indicted in NY State for SEC Corruption)(Under Investigation)

Larry Page- (Under Investigation)

Eric Schmidt- (Under Investigation)

John Doerr- (Under Investigation)

Steve Westly- Campaign Bundler (Under Investigation)

Leland Yee– Senator (Indicted & charged with corruption)

Richard Blum- Senator Feinsteins Husband (Under Investigation) (AND HERE) (AND HERE)

Ray Lane- (Charged with Federal Tax Fraud)(Under Investigation) (AND HERE)

Senator Calderone- (Indicted & charged with corruption.)

Elon Musk – CEO – Tesla (Under Investigation)  (AND HERE)  (AND HERE)  (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE)

Andy Bechtolsheim- Insider campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Vinod Khosla- Campaign backer (Under Investigation)(AND HERE)

John. F. Wheeler- Dead Washington Fixer (Under Investigation)

Martin LaGod- Campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Ira Erenpries- Campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Dianne Feinstein- Senator (Under Investigation)(AND HERE) (AND HERE)

Harry Reid- Senator – Solar factory guru

Eric Strickland- Campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Tom Perkins-  Campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Tim  Draper- Campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Tom Styer- Campaign backer (Under Investigation)

Alexey Mordashov- Russian “businessman” in relations with others on this list (Under Investigation)

Boris Zingarevich- Russian “businessman” in relations with others on this list (Under Investigation)

Jay Carney- White House

Nick Denton- Tabloid Publisher (Under Investigation)

Gary D. Conley– Dead guy who railed against Silicon Valley VC’s Cleantech Monoply. Died from lead poisoning via bullet in head (Case Under Investigation)

George Trifonov- Russian “businessman” in relations with others on this list (Under Investigation)

Yuri Savinkov- Russian “businessman” in relations with others on this list (Under Investigation)

Heinrik Fisker- CEO of Fisker (Bankrupt) (Under Investigation)

Dmitry Medvedev- Russian “businessman” in relations with others on this list (Under Investigation)

Steve Izokowitz- Dept. of Energy (Under Investigation)

Danial Cohen- Dept. of Energy lawyer during the making of the scandal (Under Investigation)

James Johnston- Fixer (Under Investigation)

Raj Gupta- McKinsey Fixer (Indicted, Jailed)(Under Investigation)

Brian Goncher- Deloitte VC intermediary (Under Investigation)

John Weinberg- Fixer (Under Investigation)

Lloyd Craig Blankfein- Head of Goldman Sachs  (Under Investigation)(AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE) (AND HERE)

The most interesting states in CARGATE:





The most interesting third parties in CARGATE:

McKinsey Consulting     (DOE/Federal Contractor- Wrote biased/rigged whitepapers for White House & Congress on behalf of Silicon Valley VC’s to sell the feds on backing the VC’s investment holdings)

Goldman Sachs  (Suspected of staging most of the TARP/DOE deals for personal gain & insider payouts)

Kleiner Perkins (Campaign funder who received massive windfalls from Russian mining & tech start-up rigging)

Draper Fisher (Campaign funder who received massive windfalls from Russian mining & tech start-up rigging)

Perkins Coie  (Law Firm who staged many of the insider deals. Suspected of improper gain.)

Deloitte Consulting  (DOE Contractor- Suspected manipulated evaluation results)

Google (Connected to every investor/campaign funder in this group. Suspected of news manipulation & campaign trades)

IBM Consulting Services (DOE Contractor- Suspected manipulated evaluation results)

Covington & Burling, LLP (Arranged appointment of Eric Holder on behalf of campaign backers & Silicon Valley)

Debevoise (DOE Contractor- Suspected manipulated evaluation results)

The Petroleum Institute (Lobbyists who worked the Detroit side of the insider deals)

Argonne National Labs  (DOE Contractor- Suspected manipulated evaluation results)


The Westly Group (Under Investigation)
Steve Westly (Under Investigation)- email: or

Technology Partners
Ira Erenpries (Under Investigation)- email: or

Firelake Capital (Under Investigation)- email:

Kliener Perkins (Sued for Sexual Abuse by it’s own staff)(Under Investigation)
John Doerr (Under Investigation)- email: and
Ray  Lane (Charged with Tax Fraud)- email: and
Tom Perkins (Under Investigation)- email: and
Elon Musk (Sued on multiple charges of fraud by shareholders)- email:

Google (Under Investigation)
Eric Schmidt
Sergy Brin

Jonathan Silver (Fired) (Under Investigation)- email:

Draper Fisher (Under Investigation)
Tim Draper (Under Investigation)- email:
Steve Jurvetson (Under Investigation)- email:

Khosla Ventures (Under Investigation)
Vinohd Khosla– email:
Condolezza Rice– email:

Tom Styer (Under Investigation)- email:

Steven Rattner (Indicted)- email:

Raj Gupta (Indicted) (IN JAIL)- email:

Richard Blum– CBRE- email:

Their Investment HOLDINGS:

Applied MicroStructures, Inc. San Jose Jeff Chinn
Solaicx Santa Clara Bob Ford
Accelergy Palo Alto Victor Sprenger
InnovaLight, Inc. Santa Clara Conrad Burke
NanoGram Corporation Milpitas
Nanostellar, Inc. Redwood City Pankaj Dhinga Bill Miller, Keith Kennedy
Nanosys Inc Palo Alto Calvin Chow
PolyFuel Mountain View James Balcom
SunVolt Nanosystems Redwood City
Unidym Menlo Park John Miller
TerraPass Inc. Menlo Park Tom Arnold
Planktos (Sub of Solar Energy, Ltd.) Foster City Russ George
Aspectrics Pleasanton Paul Salsgiver
Picarro Sunnyvale Michael Woelk
Los Gatos Research Mountain View
Climos San Francisco Dan Whaley
Richard Whilden
Agilewaves Palo Alto Peter Sharer
Analogic Tech Sunnyvale Richard Williams
Azuro, Inc. Santa Clara Paul Cunningham
BridgeLux, Inc. Sunnyvale Robert Walker
Echelon (ELON) San Jose Jeff Lund
Finelite Union City Terry Clark
Glacier Bay Oakland Kurt Gallo
Golden Gate Technology, Inc. San Jose Dennis Heller
Intematix Fremont Peter Larson
Luxim Sunnyvale Tom McGettigan
Osram Opto Semiconductors Santa Clara (HQ in Germany)
Philips Lumileds San Jose Michael Holt
Silver Spring Networks Redwood City Scott Lang
Fat Spaniel Technologies San Jose Chris Beekhuis
Johnson Controls Inc. Hayward
WSP Group San Francisco Edward Quevedo
Ardica Technologies San Francisco
Cobalt Technologies San Jose  
Solyndra, Inc. Santa Clara Chris Gronet
Solexant San Jose Damoder Reddy
ADEMA Technologies Mountain View George Fiegl
Applied Materials Santa Clara Charles Gay
Calisolar Palo Alto
DayStar Technologies (DSTI) Santa Clara Terry Schuyler
Ixys Santa Clara Nathan Zommer
Miasole Santa Clara David Pearce
Nanosolar, Inc. Palo Alto Martin Roscheisen
NuEdison San Jose Joe Lichy
Optony Sunnyvale Pingrong Yu
Pacific SolarTech Fremont
Silicon Valley Solar Santa Clara Steven White
SVTC Technologies San Jose Kurt Laetz
Solaria Fremont Suvi Sharma
Solar Semiconductor Sunnyvale Hari Surapaneni
SoloPower Milpitas Bulent Basol
Sunrgi Mt. View Bob Black
SunPower (SPWR) San Jose Julie Blunden, Dick Swanson
Sierra Solar Power Sunnyvale
Silicon Genesis Corp. San Jose Francois Henley
Solazyme, Inc. Mountain View Harrison Dillon
SolFocus, Inc. Palo Alto Gary Conley
Stion Menlo Park Chet Farris
SunDiode Santa Clara
Akeena Solar Los Gatos Barry Cinnamon
APX Santa Clara Brian Storms
Cobalt Power Systems Los Altos Mark Byinton
Independent Energy Systems Santa Cruz
MC Solar Engineering Santa Clara
Owens Electric & Solar San Mateo Brian Quock
Power Solutions San Jose
PowerLight (SunPower) Berkeley Thomas Dinwoodie
REgrid Power Campbell Tom McCalmont
Solar City Foster City Lyndon Rive
Solar Technologies Santa Cruz Roger DeNault
Tioga Energy San Mateo Paul Detering
Anaerobe Systems Morgan Hill
BloomEnergy (Ion America) Sunnyvale/Moffett Josh Richman
Coskata, Inc. Palo Alto (regional office)
Eaton (Catalytica Energy) Mountain View Dennis Yee,
Kelly Jasko
Amyris Biotechnologies Emeryville Neil Renninger
Direct Carbon Tech Menlo Park   Targut Gur
ZeaChem, Inc. Menlo Park Dan Verser
Codexis, Inc. Redwood City Alan Shaw
LS9, inc. San Carlos Doug Cameron
Live Fuels, Inc. Menlo Park Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones
Ausra Palo Alto Robert Fishman
Bright Source Energy Oakland
Deeya Energy Fremont (moving) Saroj Sahu
Li*on Cells Woodside
Oorja Protonics Fremont
Quantance Sunnyvale Vikas Vinayak
Nth Power, World Energy Labs Mountain View Sean Salloux
Cal-Star Cement Newark
AC Propulsion Sunnyvale, San Dimas Tom Gage
OEMtek Milpitas  
CalCars Palo Alto Felix Kramer
g2 Microsystems, Inc. Campbell John Gloekler
Google Recharge It Mountain View  
Project Better Place Palo Alto Shai Agassi
Tesla Motors Inc. San Carlos Martin Eberhard
Think North America Menlo Park Vicki Northrup
WrightSpeed Burlingame Ian Wright
Zero Motorcycles Scotts Valley Neal Saiki
Boka Menlo Park  
Crystal Clear Technologies Menlo Park
Clean Power Markets Los Altos Jan Pepper
MMA Renewable Ventures San Francisco Matt Cheney
OnGrid Solar San Jose
Tioga Energy San Mateo Peter Detering
3Leaf Systems Santa Clara
AMD Sunnyvale
Cisco San Jose
Hewlett-Packard Palo Alto
Intel Santa Clara
Sun Microsystems Santa Clara
Systemic Realtime Design, LLC Mountain View David Witkowski
VMWare Palo Alto
Xsigo Systems Sunnyvale Ashok Krishnamurthi

(Collaborative Team List- Please supply 6, or more, outside articles for each submission confirming connection)


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