CARGATE SCANDAL MOVIE: Easy To Understand Overview of The Crimes!

cargate-movieTHE “CARGATE” SCANDAL MOVIE is this feature length film comprised of film segments. If you watch it in order, you can can stop, start, share and rewind the segments here. The movie will auto-update as new segments are created. The segments were produced by many producers and are coming from many servers across the web. This process of releasing a secured public interest film is called: Webmashing.

“Cargate”: The manipulation of hundreds of billions of dollars of TARP, ATVM, LGP funds (created from your tax dollars) and policy in exchange for campaign financing and profiteering via laundering and conduiting tactics.

The “CARGATE SCANDAL” is like the “WATERGATE SCANDAL” except it uses cars and gadgets and many more criminals.

Your tax money was involved in: An invasion, a trillion dollar profiteering scam, high-end hookers, futuristic cars, explosions, money laundering, criminal senators, murders & deaths, and more...   How does this affect you? Did your money get used for one of the biggest scandals in history? Did you suffer a loss from Afghanistan. Did you suffer financial loss in the recession these people created in order to steal? Decide for yourself if this happened and see how it affected you!

After the movie, also see the 30 SECOND CASE BRIEFER and CARGATE: THE CARTOON for additional perspective. Highlighted words, below, link to more details.

If you are like most people, you will be horrified after you see the facts. What can you do? Email and call your congressperson and senator TODAY and demand the appointment of a non-biased special prosecutor and creation of an open public investigation committe with prosecution authority (Like the Church Committee). Send this link to your friends:     and have your friends call and email too.

Link to this page:

If all of the movies do not show up in your browser, try a different browser or right click and download the film and play it on your computer. Some titles appear twice, one above the other, because they are mirrored from different servers.



1. 60 Minutes- Segment 1: The Process:

status2. 60 Minutes- Segment 2: The Crash !!!!!

status3. The Early days of “CARGATE”: “Too Big To Fail”

status4. More on The Early Days of “CARGATE”: “Inside Job”

status5.  Steven Chu and Mini-Chu- Standardizing the fix:

status6. “CARGATE”: “The Car And The Senator”. Tipsters, insiders, Senate call girls and staff speak up about the scandal.

CLICK HERE to SEE: “The Car And The Senator”  Site

status7. A TV Series demonstrating some of the techniques used in “CARGATE”: “House of Cards”


8. A segment about Tesla safety issues:


9. A News Segment on the Solyndra portion of CARGATE:


10. Another News Segment on the Solyndra portion of CARGATE:


11. Co-conspirators?

status12. Another News segment about CARGATE, targeting the person in the White House thought to have arranged much of the CARGATE affair. In addition to Steve Rattner and David Axelrod, this guy steered the ship :

status13.  A CARGATE Mini examination:

status14. A CARGATE Overview:

status15. A segment about the insider politics of CARGATE:

status16. Tesla on fire:


17. More Tesla Bad News:

status18. Under Steven Chu: More company failures and more lost taxpayer cash than in ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY yet 42 1%-er people made huge profits off of the manipulation of the taxpayer cash. The odds against this being accidental are billions to one. This was not the “average % of risk”. Average companies don’t get hundreds of millions of free loans, credits, waivers and incentives. It had to be planned acts of corruption to grab fees, tax write-offs and up-front payments from the U.S. Treasury and State funds. You don’t have money for enough fireman and teachers in your town because of this. Watch this segment for more:



18. Additional color commentary on the CBS News segment 2, 60 Minutes story, above: “The Cleantech Crash”. The billionaires of CARGATE and their hijinks:

status19.  While many banks have been charged, and some indicted, and bankers are killing themselves, relative to CARGATE, (IE: JP Morgan, HSBC, Deustche Bank, etc.) no bank was involved in arranging almost every CARGATE deal, nor pulled more elected officials strings like: GOLDMAN SACHS:

status20. If you have been watching the segments in order you probably need a little break. Here is your little break:

status21. A typical Department of Energy staff attitude and exchange with the public:

status22. A segment about a key problem with the process:

status23. Here is how to work around those “pesky” corruption investigations if you don’t want silly things like THE LAW messing with your profits! :

status24. Remember all of the Russian “Oligarchs” that Silicon Valley and Goldman got in bed with? Goldman and the VC’s made ‘deals with the devil”. Russian mining contracts for lithium ore exclusives in Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, etc. The billionaire Oligarchs even got DOE cash. Let’s meet some of them. Featuring The Terminator, Kleiner, Putin, A123, Enerdel, Severstal, Boris Badinov and other shady characters. Like “Ahnold” says in the video, it turns out it WAS “all about to go BOOM!”. Schwarzenegger’s Russian connections run as far back as 1987 when he partied with Russian leaders, and was inspired to run for office, while he made his film RED HEAT. The backers of his campaign are many of the same investors in the lithium/green CARGATE scandal.

status25. Have you heard the term “Corruption” so many times now you have lost perspective? this will help:

status26. Politicians who were suppose to watch-dog the programs made insider deals to make profits off of the taxpayer money. Senators connected to billions lost on corrupt green energy scandals:

status27. This segment wonders if the Department of Energy has turned into a sinkhole of corruption and if we should downsize it:

status28. Segment of a Senator questioning a suspected agency manipulator:

status29. Informant confesses to being intermediary for cash from DOE awardee to Senator.  (HELD AT REQUEST OF AGENCY)

status30. Why did Goldman Sachs and the Silicon Valley VC’s push the White House into Afghanistan? What trillion dollar thing was there for their electric car scam?:

status31. Segments about the danger of Lithium and why some companies wanted to “dump” it so fast. They knew these dangers 15 years ago. Profiteering?:

statusExtensive additional video segments and books coming…. We are holding the “juicy stuff” for later… The entire film is not posted yet…Keep checking back…


# 1. Demand that your elected official appoint an unbiased “special prosecutor” & a public investigation commission!
If you are like most people, you will be horrified after you see the facts. What can you do? Email and call your congressperson and senator TODAY and demand the appointment of a non-biased special prosecutor and creation of an open public investigation committe with prosecution authority (Like the Church Committee). Send this link to your friends: and have your friends call and email their representatives too.

#2. Organize a public RICO lawsuit.

#3. ORDER your elected representative (they work for YOU, they are your employees) to write and pass laws ending lobbying and “revolving door kickbacks”.

#4. Print out this poster on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, in landscape format, and put it up EVERYWHERE.
Print as many as you can. Email it to your friends. Post it on your social media. Right click on the image to save it to your computer.







Throw Them All Out: Peter Schweizer: Books

  1. Throw Them All Out [Peter Schweizer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the biggest scandals in American politics is waiting to … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

BNNERT1A book about “CARGATE”: “Jacked Up Cars: The Book


BNNERT1Popular Political Corruption Books – Goodreads


FYI- Google (AKA: YOUTUUBE) has hidden, moved, “down-SEO’d” and censored 60 Minutes videos and other videos about CARGATE because Google investors were the backers, and deal makers, for a large number of CARGATE efforts. CBS News is very concerned about the censoring. This is against the law re: securities and monopoly laws and is just plain “censoring”. Federal investigators have been asked, by multiple parties, to examine Google’s “selective media information”. If Google censored you, you have the legal right to collect your damages from them since they control the internet monopolistically. Let’s see how that plays out…

fellowshipHey Bad Guys! Are you feeling lucky, punks?

Are you willing to bet everything that not one of the kickback, revolving door, market monopoly, campaign funding, insider secret discussions you had was not recorded an any restaurant surveillance camera, on any car dashboard ONstar-type system, or on any urban system camera or your own smartphone being turned against you and that every single text, phone call and email you sent about it was never acquired and that you never passed through an RFID array during those indiscretions? Are you?

Are you REALLY feeling that lucky?

If not, it is a good time to turn States Witness!


On a RELATED TOPIC, watch our friends new hit production, featuring some thinly veiled real world characters: HOUSE OF CARDS

Watch the fictionalized story on ABC-TV, with real-world connections- SCANDAL:

Don’t miss the other TRUE STORY of energy corruption: GASLAND Part 1 and GASLAND Part 2:
Learn about DOE = The Department of Oil Ecstasy. These films show how DOE is owned and controlled by the petroleum industry. Learn how DOE exists to keep
competing technologies from competing with petroleum by controlling figure-head “alternative energy” efforts that are forced to fail or “artificially-limited” by DOE staff who then go to work for the petroleum industry, after DOE, in pay-to-play job payoffs.

For early background, DO NOT Miss the film that helped start the ball rolling: TOO BIG TO FAIL:

For background on many of the characters, See the globally acclaimed Documentary behind TOO BIG TO FAIL: “INSIDE JOB”:



There is still information that will come out. There are certain people that have that information. We know, and you know, who you are. Be Brave. Do the right thing. For inspiration: Listen to, and read, these words:

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